How to Dress Like a Wes Anderson Character

We think it’s fair to say that Wes Anderson’s films are true modern classics! From his Instagram-worthy colour palettes, to the aesthetically pleasing photography, to his use of symmetry, his style is unique and immediately recognisable. What makes each film memorable, though, is the quirkiness of the characters that he creates, both when it comes to personality and fashion style. We’re not surprised that so many people cosplay them or consider them hipster icons!

Are you tempted by the idea of bringing their style into your life, so that, as soon as someone sees you walking down the street, they’re going to think “Wow, they literally look as if they have come out of a Wes Anderson film”? We might not be able to add a nostalgic yellow hue to your daily life (#sorry), but here are a few ideas to dress like a Wes Anderson character.

Pastel colours

Wes Anderson fashion - Pastel colours Credit:

No wonder that his characters blend so well with the washed-out colours of his films’ palettes: a lot of them wear delightful pastel-toned clothing. Pick these types of colours - like Agatha’s dress and apron in The Grand Budapest Hotel or Steve Zissou’s light blue uniform - and that’s already a great start for your Wes Anderson-esque outfit.

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Wes Anderson outfit inspiration - Corduroy Credit: The Fashionable Truth

If you’re lucky enough to bump into Wes Anderson himself, chances are he’ll probably be wearing corduroy, so it’s not a surprise that a few of his characters do the same, like Max Fischer in Rushmore or Bill Murray’s character in The Royal Tenenbaums. However it’s in Fantastic Mr. Fox that this strong patterned material steals the spotlight: after all, the costume designer did base his character on Wes Anderson’s wardrobe.

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Wes Anderson style - Socks and tights Credit: Film Comment

If you’re wearing shorts or a dress, high knee-length socks are a MUST. Flaunted by both the main characters in Moonrise Kingdom, they play a central part in the uniqueness of their outfits. But it’s not just Suzy and Sam! Socks are rarely tucked away in Wes’s films: they’re usually bright and noticeable, like for Atari in Isle of Dogs. Colourful tights are a great option, too!

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Wes Anderson style - Hairstyles Credit: Medium

If you want to look like a Wes Anderson character, you should probably consider sticking to a specific hairstyle as often as you can so that people start associating it with you, just like Suzy’s updo, Margot Tenenbaum’s chunky hair clips, or Max’s side fringe and parting in Rushmore. The most iconic, in our opinion, are Agatha’s ginger milkmaid braids.


Wes Anderson style - Accessories Credit: Pinterest

We bet that, if we randomly mention Steve Zissou, the first thing that comes to your mind is Bill Murray’s bright red beanie (we won, right?). Wes Anderson’s most memorable characters have an accessory that they carry or wear most of the time. While a pair of Moonrise Kingdom-style binoculars might not be the most practical choice, there are so many things that you could use: a particular necklace, a shoulder bag, iconic glasses… Get creative!

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Be quirky!

While some characters wear a specific material and some others are famous for a combination of colours, it’s not difficult to decipher the pattern that unites all of Wes Anderson’s most iconic characters: they’re incredibly quirky! So draw inspiration from our first five tips to craft your unique style, mixing old school and modern elements just like he does with his films. If you do that, you’ll end up with a recognisable signature fashion style that is just your own and you’ll really look like the protagonist of a Wes Anderson film with your own incredible story to tell. At one condition though: you must wear your quirkiness loud and proud!

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