How to Bring Back 90s Fashion (and Rock It Today!)

Raise your hand if you still feel completely disoriented whenever someone points out that 1990 was almost 30 years ago and not ten as you keep tricking yourself into believing (we have our hands raised up high!).

Just because the 90s have been gone for a while, it doesn’t mean that the fashion trends that made them memorable should be eclipsed by noughties ones, especially since recreating them is not that hard at all.

First, let’s start with the basics: 90s fashion trends were mainly inspired by music genres (and boy, did the 90s have good tunes!), pop culture (does ‘the Rachel’ haircut ring a bell?) and celebrities. Overall, pretty much any 90s trend had something in common: the “I’m too cool to care” attitude that translated into casual and anti-conformist looks.

While there are many different trends that marked that decade, we’ve handpicked the most memorable, iconic ones and turned them into a selection of 90s inspired outfits that you can still rock today.

90s Hip Hop look

90s Fashion - Hip Hop Credit: BuzzFeed

Inspired by music videos, hip hop stars and the colourful outfits seen in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, this street look can be recreated with baggy trousers, sporty t-shirts and crop tops. The secret is to keep it bold, bright and... oversized. Oh, and don’t ever forget a baseball cap or a bucket hat!

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90s Schoolgirl look

90s Fashion - School Girl Outfit Credit:

We’re Clueless (#IfYouKnowYouKnow) as to who exactly made this look so incredibly popular, but one thing is for sure: the 90s were obsessed with the schoolgirl style, which reached its apex in Britney’s Baby One More Time video in 1998.

All you needed was a blouse, a short pleated or plaid skirt, long thigh-high socks, scrunchies or your best up-do, with pig-tails being the safest go-to option.

90s Grunge

90s Fashion - Grunge Credit: Fashionbeans

Spoiler alert: grunge fans rocked lumberjack shirts well before hipsters thought they were cool (don’t tell them!). Inspired by the music and sub-culture that originated in Seattle and was spread by bands such as Nirvana, this fashion trend involved band t-shirts, loose or faded jeans, ripped fishnets, combat boots and, obviously, checkered flannels, usually worn unbuttoned (or tied around the waist when it was too hot!).

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90s Britpop look

90s Fashion - Britpop Credit: Highsnobiety

Would the 90s really be the 90s if it wasn’t for all that Blur vs Oasis hype? When it comes to fashion, Britpop brought a 70s revival, drawing inspiration from the Mods’ wardrobes, but it also added tracksuits and casual elements, inspired by what Britpop bands were wearing. This resulted in a lot of Fred Perry t-shirts, Polos, Adidas tracksuits, parkas and Harrington jackets, to name a few.

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90s fashion - Dungarees and overalls

90s Fashion - Dungarees look Credit: The Daily Struggle

There was an unspoken rule in the 90s when it came to choosing what to wear: LAYERS. LAYERS. LAYERS. No wonder that dungarees were so popular! They can literally be worn with anything, from crop tops, to long shirts, to t-shirts. To add to the “too cool to care” attitude that we talked about, consider wearing them with one strap casually hanging off your shoulder.

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Well, the 90s were surely memorable when it comes to music and fashion. They might not have been as over-the-top as the 80s with their sparkly outfits and huge perms, but they were definitely unique and iconic. Now it’s your turn to get creative with 90s trends. Let us know which 90s style is your favourite and… rock it proudly!

Featured image credits: NME

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