Our Heritage

Keepin’ It Vintage Since 1986

 Founded by brothers Jeremey and Anthony Shackleton (with the help of sibling Tim) Rokit started life in Camden’s famous market, originally trading vintage denim sourced in the USA.  

By 1986 and with a growing product range, the market stall turned shop with the first bricks and mortar premises opening on 225 Camden high street in June 1986. A former butchers, the shop came complete with grisly meat hooks (handy for hanging clothes) and a cold store initially used as a fitting room….brrr! 


Camden circa 1990 

Rokit quickly turned institution, a hub for creativity, individuality and a place for all the weird and wonderful sub culture creatures Camden nurtured back in those hazy days.  

Inside the Rokit Camden store, circa 1990

Inside the Rokit store, circa 1990

From the 80s club kids and punks, to the 90s Britpoppers, 00’s indie idols and of course Queen of Camden herself, Miss Amy Winehouse, Rokit 225 has seen and dressed them all. A two story building that became synonymous with the ever changing culture that surrounds it, Rokit continues to serve from the iconic premises deserved of a star on the Camden High Street walk of fame.

Kate Moss in the Rokit warehouse in 1991. Shot by Peter Robathan.

Kate Moss in the Rokit warehouse in 1991. Shot by Peter Robathan.

But it doesn't end there...

The stalwart of London’s vintage scene, Rokit went on to launch Brick Lane in 2001, one of the first stores to grace East London’s now famous mecca. Later followed by our sister boutique, 107. Rokit became an institution of the individual and catered for the unique, as an antidote to the mundanity of the high street. 00’s Brick Lane nourished originality and offered the opportunity to pick your own wardrobe, to choose from a century’s worth of design and develop your own independent style. The sentiment remains today where those leading values of independence, authenticity, diversity and creativity continue to inspire the energy of East London and all vintage hubs thereafter.

 Over on the West side…

Rokit Covent Garden opened in 2003, becoming our flagship and the largest second hand store in Central London. As the nation's appetite for all things vintage grew, our CG store declared war on the high street and quickly became the most interesting shopping destination in WC2. A refreshing alternative to the big names of the West End, the store influenced a slew of independent brands to follow and continues to herald Seven Dials as a destination for independent stores. 

The evolution of the Covent Garden store 

Nearly 40 years on and Rokit has come to be regarded as a truly independent, authentic and pioneering brand. We are committed to our founding ethos of recycling and sustainability and we champion nostalgia whilst remaining open and adaptable to change. We’re not afraid to be different, to cultivate our own voice and to sometimes take a leap of faith. 

In the midst of the pandemic we launched our first Rokit Originals store, 107 Brick Lane. 

Our in-house reworked sustainable fashion label Rokit Originals began life as Rokit Recycled, on a single domestic sewing machine on Camden’s 1st floor way back in the late 80s. Yep, we were reworking vintage before most of our customers were born!  

 Since those early days our little sister brand has grown into an exciting player in the sustainable fashion movement. Rokit originals reworks second hand and vintage clothing, utilises remnant and deadstock textile, and essentially manipulates anything old to produce coveted limited edition pieces. Originals serves contemporary tastes whilst pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in the reuse of textile.

Rokit Originals 107 Brick Lane store, 2020

Rokit Originals Store, 2020

Whether shopping online or in one of our four London stores, we want to inspire you to create your own narrative, to experience something different and feel part of a movement built on the edge, for the better. 

We aim to create interesting and unique environments where individuality and a bit of fun supersede the average and mundane. WE take pride in our store design and exhibit award winning window installations that compete with major brands.

Founder Anthony and Co-owner, Patti for the Evening Standard, 1988

Founder Anthony and Co-owner Patti in 1988

Rokit is historically rooted yet looks to the future, we have an international website and strive to recycle more than ever. We encourage our customers to jump on the ride and unite in reducing our global dependence on new goods.

We continue to champion diversity and originality and endeavor to make Rokit a destination for everyone. We are proud to be independent and encourage our customers to share our values; a celebration of individuality, counterculture and a dedication to environmentally conscious, responsible and sustainable fashion.

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