Women's Vintage 80s Clothing

Throwback to the 80s when women’s clothing was a combination of unapologetically loud lycra alongside classics like the high waisted jean (mom jean). Our range of 80s vintage clothing for women includes collections for the pure professionals, private types and party goers. Search for your style now!


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Distinguishly Different

The 80s saw women’s clothing diversify into some wild categories such as spandex and fluorescent leg warmers and leotards. The more rebellious fashion remained with punk leather and ripped denim jeans whilst the hottest fashions were in the form of statement shouldered suits and midi-skirts, all of which you will find in our range of vintage 80s clothing for women.

Classic Combinations

If you’re looking for crazy colour combinations and retro fashion accessories like silk scarves, handbags and belts, the 80s is the place to be, particularly for women. Here at Rokit, we have a vast variety of vintage 80s clothing for you to be able to rock your best look from another era.

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