Get The Look: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

A fading actor in a Hollywood that he no longer recognises, Sharon Tate’s angelic presence and colourful flower power vibes: 2019 gifted us with a new Quentin Tarantino masterpiece that takes us all the way back to 1969 California. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is more than a few entertaining plotlines coming together in the most unexpected way: it’s a nostalgic testament to a pivotal year that was a bridge between two memorable decades... and, when it comes to iconic outfits, this Tarantino film doesn’t disappoint. Here’s how to recreate the different Once Upon a Time in Hollywood looks.

Vibrant Shirts with Graphic Prints

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Hawaiian shirts Credit: Vogue

Brad Pitt - or, better, Cliff Booth - sets the mellow tone of a typical Californian summer by sporting a bright yellow shirt with graphic prints. To recreate his chilled vibes, pick your signature and vibrant printed shirt and wear it casually: unbuttoned, with a t-shirt underneath and a pair of jeans. The cherry on top? A pair of aviator sunglasses, of course.

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Warm Colours and Leather

Credit: Sonic Picture Entertainment

The costume designer explained that, when thinking of the 60s, she immediately envisioned yellow and orange hues. While they are worn by many characters—from Sharon Tate’s party outfit to Cliff’s shirt—it’s with Leonardo DiCaprio’s character that these warm palettes steal the spotlight. Rick Dalton’s most memorable outfit consists of a yellow turtleneck, a light-brown leather jacket, a pair of dark-brown trousers and boots.

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Get The Look, Denim Credit: Columbia Pictures/TNS

Complementing Rick’s warm palette is the contrasting blue of Cliff’s Denim outfits. When he’s not sporting his iconic printed shirt, he’s so cool and confident that he can proudly show off one of the trickiest and most controversial trends: the double Denim. Denim shorts are also worn by Sharon Tate, Pussycat and several members of Manson’s harem. You definitely can’t go wrong with jeans clothing!

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Swinging 60s legacy

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - 60s Credit: Page Six

While most characters anticipate the trends that would have blown up in the 70s, Sharon is an undeniable nostalgic homage to the earlier 60s. When timidly going to the cinema to watch the film in which she’s starring, she rocks a black turtleneck with a white miniskirt. If you want to go for this Swinging 60s style, don’t forget a pair of knee-high boots.

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Hippie Style

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Hippie Credit: Sony Pictures

A ‘Get The Look’ article about Once Upon A Time in Hollywood wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the flower power fashion showcased by the creepy hippie harem that Cliff goes to visit. While the characters are manic and controversial, we can’t fault their bohemian fashion style. If you’d like to go for the flower power look, pick large blouses and dresses with sewn patterns, Denim shorts, dungarees, and colourful tops and shirts. We think that Pussycat’s look, in particular, will become just as iconic as Mia Wallace’s white blouse on dark trousers or Beatrix Kiddo’s yellow outfit: a colourful crocheted top, Denim shorts and a shoulder bag.

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While the lines and personalities of Quentin Tarantino’s characters play a central part in their uniqueness, we believe that it’s their memorable outfits that make them so iconic. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is no exception and what’s better is that, with so many different trends coming to their end or just starting to gain popularity, 1969 California is a paradise of inspiration for vintage fashion lovers like us.

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