Ten Minutes With Milkie Way

Talking making it in music, & why style is important to your vision. 


Nu-Metal frontwomxn and model talks making it in music, & why style is important to your vision. 

Milkie gives us insight into her experience of the music industry, and how Covid means you need to be creative to get your breakthrough.  Plus we tasked her with styling 3 looks that express her personal style from our archive of over 10,000 vintage pieces.

After featuring in campaigns with the likes of Cara Delevingne, Milkie has is now making her name known in music with her nu-metal band, Wargasm. 

We caught up with Milkie to get her thoughts on the music industry, how Prince and even Lady Gaga helped her develop her personal style, and how she respects cows!


Hey Milkie! Can you tell our community a little bit about yourself and what you do? 

Hey! My name is Milkie Way. I’m a bassist and singer in a band called Wargasm and I'm also a professional model.

How did you get involved with Wargasm? 

Sam and I started Wargasm officially in August 2019, but we kind of prepped it for a year before that got to know each other, wrote some songs. Some weren't very good and then like a couple of songs that were okay and we ended up releasing those. We just bonded over you know, like nu-metal and cyberpunk films and sci-fi and a lot of stuff and we ended up just building this project Wargasm and here we are now.

Any advice for anyone looking to break into the music scene.

It's hard to give it because of Covid, like normally, in the normal world, I would say you can network by just going out. I mean, this is the way I did, I would just go I with Sam we would get drunk go to Crobar,  put on Iron Maiden on the jukebox and then shout about out band to whoever was around and we just so happen to bump into some industry people there and some you know, like regular metalheads who were like Ok cool, this sounds cool. You're fucked, but I'll check it So normally that is what I'd say. So anyone wanting to get into the music industry now, I'd say you have to get creative with your networking and because it's not as easy as just getting drunk and going to Crobar anymore.

How would you describe your style?

Guitar Hero character pretty much.

What is your connection to vintage? 

I've always been a fan of vintage and secondhand clothing. You know hand me downs, I would beg my mum for like any old like fur coats that my granny had or any old jackets and stuff that was in the attic, I always liked that kind of stuff and liked the idea that you can give clothes a second life. And then also when you grow up a bit more and you learn about the sustainability side of it you get more into that. I just think it's kind of a no-brainer.

Who are your style icons? Or any other major influencers

Of course Prince. Wendy O Williams, from the Plasmatics, Paris Hilton, Sora Choi, Tank Girl, 80s Cock Rock. Dennis Rodman always looks pretty good.  I’ll throw him there. He loves a good crop-top, low waisted moment, which I'm also obviously a big fan of!

Do you think music has influenced how you dress?

Music definitely influences the way I dress. I mean have people I just named as my style icons are all musicians even like, you know, the classic punk ladies,you know, Joan Jett and Debbie Harry even all the way up to more recently, you know, Brody Dalle, it all influenced the way I dress. Seeing photos of them growing up, but I think as well as that, I was a big Gaga fan when I was growing up, so having Gaga as an influence, but maybe not so directly. But the way she preached, you know, self-love self-confidence believing in who you are not giving a flying fuck about anything else. It was definitely an invaluable skill that I learned very early and it helped me, lean into my own style pretty early and be confident in who I am.

What is your go-to trend?

The one trend that I'm backing over the next coming months is if you couldn't already tell is vintage leather. I'm a big fan of vintage leather and I think that it's a good way to keep incorporating leather into your wardrobe when maybe you're vegan or vegetarian. Or you don't you just don't want to wear animal-based products and I think that's totally fair. If you don't want to wear vintage leather, it's totally a personal choice, but I think if you do want to keep incorporating leather into your outfits, if you're looking at shopping more sustainably, I think the vintage leathers are a great way to go with it.  It allows you to, you know, look badass but also not contribute to the kind of toxic leather industry. And in this household, we love and respect cows!

Which pieces did you pick from Rokit?

You guys were kind enough to let me pick three items from your site and it was actually a complete coincidence that they all happen to be leather! I guess i’m just hardwired like that. 

The first piece is this leather bra, and it's got a beautiful little heart gem in the middle. It's very Britney, very Xtina and very naughties. It is one size fits all, but it’s got a tie at the back. It's meant to fit up to a size 12 and even though I'm an outstanding member of the itty-bitty titty committee, I feel like it's pretty adjustable. I've paired it with my Jadon Dr Martens which are literally falling to pieces, these thong illusion Calvin Klein underwear and fake leather leggings my mum got for me (Thanks Mary). 

So the next item I chose from Rokit is this Tank Girl, Lara Croft could definitely run through the dystopian wasteland with this water bottle holder and it is adjustable here. So any kind of water bottle can fit into it and this along with the bra, are both part of the Rokit Originals collection.

So third piece that I picked from Rokit is this 80s shoulder pad structured cropped blazer with these chiffon sleeves. I just really love this. I think it's very Prince and think he would definitely wear this so I decided to style it in a fit that I would definitely wear on a night out after all this stuff is over and we can dance and drink and get sweaty again. Ahh, I'm getting sad just thinking about it. On the bottom, I'm wearing a scarf that I got from a charity shop turned into a skirt. Just Google it, it will tell you how to do it. It’s easy you just wrap it around. It's like a mini sarong, you know and the belt. Oh, which I also used this look from my ex-flatmates, ex-boyfriend. Didn't like him so he left his belt there and it's mine now.

How does it feel to be a womxn is a male-dominated space? 

I mean, I've had my fair share of bullshit misogynistic stupid comments people looking down on me, silly comments on YouTube and on our live videos, in person, everything, pretty much everything and we've only been going for like over a year. I can't imagine how much harder all the other female musicians who have been going for longer must have had it. But to be honest it almost feels like I'm in like a badass womxn echo chamber. I follow so many womxn who are really cool and absolutely smashing it at the minute that I almost forget that it's a male-dominated space and I think if you can just forget it sometimes and maybe it'll help you thrive more because I spent a lot of I'm being like Oh, I feel uncomfortable here, I don't know if I should belong here, blah, blah, blah… bullshit. But then as soon as you forgot that you kind of can just let yourself thrive and you kind of, personally, you kind of just forget that you're in a male-dominated space and if you have enough womxn around you to support you.

Also, I'm going to use this time to plug my friend's podcast On Wednesdays We Wear Black. It is Yasmin, Alex and Sophie they are three women, non-binary people, who are smashing it in the music industry now and have been for the past few years. And if you would like some insight into what it's like to be a womxn or a non-binary person in the music industry.

I would definitely check them out, check out their podcast. It's fucking hilarious, I love those people with all my heart.

What's your plan for world domination in 2021?

What is my plan for world domination in 2021? I'm glad you asked. So the plan is to drop some sexy, heavy, fun, irresistibly, riffy bangers. That are so good. That just everyone in the world has to love us and bow to the cult of Wargasm. So expect that soon. Thanks for asking me some questions and sending me some cute clothes.