Vintage Nike Trainers

Get one step ahead with a pair of vintage Nike trainers. Whether you're a slam-dunker, a kicker, or just a collector, our selection of vintage Nike trainers are guaranteed to get you noticed. With the iconic Nike swoosh logo swinging by with every step, Nike trainers are full of nostalgia and sporting prestige. Check out our range of retro Nike trainers right here!


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Notorious Nike

You have to have heard of Nike; the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes, sporting apparel and equipment. If not, you must’ve been living under a rock. With a legacy in most sports stretching from Basketball to Baseball through to Tennis and Football, Nike has cemented itself in cultures across the globe. Famous collaborations and collections such as Nike Air Jordans, Nike Air Max & Nike Air Force 1s have now become ‘must-haves’ in the Vintage Nike trainer market.

Nike for Fitness & Fashion

The infamous Nike brand has become a staple in sporting arenas as well as the high street. Slipping on a pair of vintage Nike Air Max is like walking on a cloud, whether you’re on the squash court or strolling through Times Square. Vintage Nike trainers have the ability to remind us of a specific moment in time or a cherished memory we want to treasure. With so many styles to choose from, our vintage Nike trainer range will make you sentimental for sure.

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