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Vintage leather jackets have always been the embodiment of the word “cool”. Never has a garment ever allowed itself to be used, abused and taken in by such varied patronage that ranges from the upright tiers to the downright anarchic of society throughout the ages. Aviators, Punks, Fighter Pilots, Rockabilly’s, mods, greasers…right up to the point where even imitation leather is produced for a cheaper or more ethically minded wearer.
Jil Sander
Jil Sander brown Leather And Wool Jacket - S
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Coach Black Button Up Leather Jacket - M
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Rokit's Vintage Leather Jackets
The golden age of the leather jacket, losing its shackles and becoming a de facto style icon was the 1930s and 1950s. From the average Joe in depression ear America to the Norton riding Ton-Up boys in the 50s, the leather jacket firmly nailed itself into the hallowed book of style.
Rokit is hugely excited to be able to offer a choice selection that defines this period, specially curated and handpicked, we have a cross-section of styles, designs and conditions- because, as we all know sometimes the best leather jacket is the most beat-up leather jacket. 1940’s leather jackets were often in the “sportswear” bracket, this doesn’t mean that these would be your go-to item for playing a few hoops or running to 3rd base, simply that these were perceived as a leisure, downtime item of casual wear. They are often belted, mid to short length and zip front. Civilian versions of WW2 jackets are very common from this period, these continued into the 1950s and beyond, models like the USAAF A2 or the USN G1 being the most popular. Another popular version of flying jackets was the fur-collared aviator jackets, these resembled the WW1 versions and were well worn by amateur pilots from the 1920s onwards.