Vintage Dresses for New Year's Eve

With all the bustling Christmas preparations and time invested looking for the perfect present for your loved ones, it’s easy to wake up on 31st December and find yourself screaming the most dreaded five words: I have nothing to wear! Let’s change that this year. Whether you’ve had a vintage-inspired wardrobe since forever or you’ve recently fallen in love with retro fashion, what better way to end 2019 and welcome 2020 than in a glorious vintage dress? But don’t forget that your new dress shouldn’t be just for New Year’s Eve: to keep it sustainable, make sure you pick something that you’ll happily wear again throughout the year or on special occasions. Now, let’s help you find the best vintage dresses for New Year’s Eve, rigorously inspired by your favourite decades, of course!

1920s: Party like Gatsby

Credit: Retro Waste

Since we’ll be heading into 2020, why not draw inspiration from the most roaring decade? To recreate a jazzy 1920s party look, opt for long drop-waist dresses with a straight but loose fit, and keep your eyes open for materials like silk and chiffon. You could also go for shorter dresses with fringes or decorations that would make it ideal to dance your way into 2020 Charleston-style.

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1930s: Long and drapey

Credit: Glamour Daze

The 1930s are a tricky decade when it comes to fashion—and, err, economy—because their style often gets mixed up with the 20s and 40s. Opt for dark elegant dresses and bias cuts that drape themselves around your body. Don’t forget about the art deco prints with fancy geometric shapes that were incredibly popular thanks to avant-garde movements like cubism.

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1940s: Lacy elegance

Credit: Glamour Daze

Long and elegant is still a proud mantra, but the world seems to finally be ready for knee-length dresses, too. For a 1940s entrance that is guaranteed to stop the party, experiment with shawl collars or pleated top halves and see-through lace sections.

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1950s: Prom-style

Credit: The Edge Su Su

Wide skirts, sweetheart necklines, chiffon and pastel-coloured everything: draw inspiration from prom dresses for a 50s New Year’s Eve outfit that will make the whole Grease cast rage with jealousy.

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1960s: Swinging into the new year

Credit: What To Wear

The revolutionary 60s are a gold mine of fashion inspiration. If you prefer the mod and swinging style that originated in London, choose column or shift dresses that enhance your silhouette and experiment with collars and geometric patterns. Are you more of a fan of the late psychedelic period? Then add a multi-coloured touch with unique spiralling prints.

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1970s: a Blooming and sparkly decade

Add a dash of flower power or disco to your elegant dress. If you want to bring back the 70s, don’t shy away from bold colours, sparkles and bright floral prints. Halterneck dresses will also be an immediate giveaway of what decade you drew inspiration from for your iconic outfit.

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1980s: dramatic look

Credit: Vintag Es

There’s one rule when it comes to 80s fashion: be over the top! This decade is about bold statements and you can honour it with puffy dresses, padded shoulders, big bows and ribbons or laces. Just ask yourself: would Cyndi Lauper wear this in one of her videos? If the answer is yes, you’ve found your rocking New Year’s Eve outfit!

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1990s: celebrity-inspired

Credit: Konbini

Get some elegant inspiration from 90s celebrities and movie stars to create a classy look that will make all your friends wonder whether you have just come back from the red carpet. Make the most of the unforgettable spaghetti straps and don’t be afraid to add some glitter. It’s a party, after all.

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Let us know which style or decade you’re planning on drawing inspiration from for your unforgettable New Year’s Eve outfit!

Featured image credit: Click Americana

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