Let Military Fashion Invade your Wardrobe!

It’s not surprising that vintage military clothing is still incredibly popular: it was literally designed to be durable and practical. Also, it has so effortlessly blended with pop culture that it’s now one of the most recognisable vintage choices: military fashion and accessories have been worn throughout the decades by famous musicians, actors and fictional characters, and they cyclically appear on the catwalk.

From the camouflage patterns that were so trendy in the 90s to timeless army green and khaki garments, military clothing is bound to conquer your heart. Let us introduce you to the most iconic items!

Bomber jackets

Since most cockpits weren’t enclosed, World War I pilots needed to wear something that would keep them warm without restricting their movements like a chunky coat would have done: they were provided with new models that consisted of wraparound collars and zipper closures, as well as stretchy cuffs and waists. A popular choice throughout the decades and particularly in the late 60s and 80s, military bomber jackets were immortalised by Tom Cruise’s stylish look in Top Gun.

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Parkas aren’t just Liam Gallagher’s signature style choice: they are practical coats that were designed with the characteristic fishtail to provide an extra layer of warmth to soldiers’ upper legs. While they’re now available in different colours and styles, military green is still the most classic choice.

Pea Coats

Invented by the Dutch but made popular by the British navy, pea coats are immediately recognisable thanks to their unique silhouette and design. While undoubtedly being totally stylish, they also do an impeccable job at protecting you from harsh weather conditions and leaving you plenty of freedom of movement, perfect to soldier on through winter.

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Cargo trousers

First used by British soldiers in 1938, they became extremely popular in the US, where they’re usually referred to as ‘cargo pants’. Baggy, loosely cut and with plenty of handy pockets, they are arguably the most practical type of trousers and just what you need if you want to craft a rebellious tough look. While they made a recent comeback at the start of 2019, it’s easy to see why cargo trousers were a favourite in the 90s, a decade that celebrated camouflage patterns, streetwear and casual garments.

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Combat boots

The name is pretty self-explanatory, so we doubt anyone will be too shocked when we say that combat boots weren’t an invention of the punk, skinhead and grunge scene between the 70s and 90s: thanks to the grip and stability that they guarantee, these robust boots were ideal for training and, of course, combat. Plus, they’re amazingly durable!


Military-style bags are ideal for those who enjoy minimalist, monochrome looks. Most of all, they’re handy, capacious and often waterproof, which makes them ideal for hikers and adventurers.

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Aviator sunglasses

Another item designed to enhance aviators’ performances when flying is this classic pair of sunglasses. Aviator shades are now an iconic statement that has shown up multiple times throughout the years, especially in the 50s but also in the 70s and 80s, thanks to famous singers like Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson who made them an integral part of their image. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has recently brought them back on the big screen through Brad Pitt’s signature look. Aviator sunglasses are the stylish accessory that you were looking for to complement your vintage military outfit!

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