A Groovy, Rare Collection of 70s Disco Shirts

Imagine the joy experienced by a pirate who’s just discovered a forgotten chest full of gold on the bottom of the sea. Pretty overwhelming, right? Now, get ready for the vintage equivalent: finding a collection of original 70s shirts by Burma at Oleg Cassini in a storage container in Las Vegas... after over 40 years! That really shivered our timbers. All the shirts were in perfect condition and still in their original packaging. Unlike pirates, though, we’re not going to keep this rare treasure all for ourselves—although we were tempted. You can purchase your favourite items from this one-of-a-kind deadstock collection of graphic disco shirts here.

In the meantime, let us get our retro time machine ready to take you back to the funkiest decade and show you why 70s disco shirts were—and always will be—truly iconic.

History of 70s disco shirts

Credit: Vintage Dancer

70s fashion was all about self-expression. It handpicked different elements from the 60s—such as flares, pop-art, flower-power and psychedelia—and reinvented them in a flashier, exclusive way. The Peacock Revolution had also resulted in more colourful and creative outfits for men: the new dandies could finally stray away from the strict boundaries and rules of the conventional clothing of the 50s and early 60s, unashamedly embracing frills and materials previously labelled as too feminine.

The 70s favoured long silhouettes and often androgynous looks, with high-waisted flares, jumpsuits, platform shoes and leather cowboy-style boots becoming popular unisex choices.

From fashion to music to socialising, everything seemed to gravitate around urban nightlife thanks to the rising popularity of discothèques, the European concept of upbeat dance clubs that finally reached the US. They didn’t wait long before Americanising it into disco!

These trendy places allowed ‘regular’ working-class people to look and feel like stars for the night and, since it could be hard to have a proper conversation given the loud music, your unique outfit was your best chance at making an impression. This translated into flashy clothes, crazy geometric prints, creative shapes and sometimes even glitter that was sparklier than the spinning disco ball hanging above the dance floor.

While girls had lots of dresses and halter-neck tops to play with, what could encapsulate this feeling in mens fashion better than bright disco shirts with pointed collars, tight enough to be effortlessly tucked into long high-waisted trousers?

How to wear 70s disco shirts today

Are you ready to bring some Saturday Night Fever vibes to your wardrobe with an authentic 70s disco shirt? How groovy! If you want to stay true to the decade of rollerblades and moustaches, pair it up with a leather jacket, some bell-bottom trousers, a big belt and lace-up shoes.

You can also draw inspiration from the self-expression that characterised the 70s to reinvent the traditional disco shirt-based outfit, using this new item to craft your unique style by blending your favourite vintage and modern elements. How about wearing your 70s disco shirt with a pair of jeans, some tight black trousers or different textures like corduroy?

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Make sure you grab your favourite one before it goes, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @rokitvintage when you wear it: we can’t wait to see you flaunt one of these unique 70s disco shirts!

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