Fashionably Informal - The Best Vintage Casual Wear

Whether with comfy tracksuits or flashy sporty garments, each of our favourite vintage decades had its own way of celebrating casual wear. Everyday items that used to be worn at home or whilst jogging have been restyled throughout the years and turned into striking fashion statements. While their appearance in pop culture, media and celebrities’ outfits certainly played a big part in their rise in popularity, we’re particularly grateful to the brands that managed to see the potential of these casual items and reinvented them, giving them safe tickets from the dusty back of our wardrobes to glamorous catwalks across the world. Here are our favourite everyday brands that allow us to combine casual and vintage vibes in a unique, stylish way.

Rokit's Favourite Vintage Casual Wear Brands


Credit: Neon Talk

With its minimalistic yet immediately recognisable logo, Nike clothing is truly iconic. It also radiates strong vintage vibes since, thanks to their frequent campaigns and collaborations with celebrities, it’s tightly intertwined with pop culture. Although we mainly know them—and love them—for their signature footwear, Nike’s range includes all sorts of streetwear and sportswear, from basketball vests to swimsuits. Thinking of adding a Nike item to your vintage wardrobe? Just do it!

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An unforgettable favourite of Britpop and 90s fashion in general, Adidas clothes were often spotted on celebrities who preferred a casual style, like the infamous Gallagher brothers. Their tracksuits with three white stripes running down the sides of their sleeves and trousers—an essential item in Sporty Spice’s wardrobe—are certainly Adidas’ most distinctive look.

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Ralph Lauren

Credit: Time / Paramount Pictures

We believe that one of the secrets behind Ralph Lauren’s success is the addition of a touch of timeless sophistication to simple everyday items. An example? Their classic polo t-shirts! Not only did they help turn this sporty garment into a conscious fashion choice in the 70s: they also added a more contemporary twist to the Mod-inspired trends that characterised 90s Britpop fashion.

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Calvin Klein

Credit: Pinterest

Calvin Klein is famous for reinventing underwear, stealing the scene with their bold move of using near-naked models to promote their small white briefs in the early 80s. However, they also produce a wide range of clothing items, which were particularly popular in the decade of perms and shoulder pads, too. Why not add an authentic Calvin Klein vintage piece to your everyday essentials?

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The North Face

Credit: The North Face

Would you like to bring your retro style from your wardrobe to the top of a mountain? Or something less extreme, like a hike with friends? We recommend this brand to any vintage enthusiast who’s also an outdoorsy spirit, always ready for the next adventure. Their jackets from previous collections, in particular, are perfect to add a touch of vintage charm to practical and durable waterproof equipment.

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Tommy Hilfiger

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Even though it was founded in the 80s and it’s still popular today, Tommy Hilfiger is a true staple of 90s fashion! Liaising with the music industry for their campaigns and adding a relaxed but fancy feel to streetwear and athletic pieces, their garments were often rocked by hip hop stars and rappers. They’re the ideal pick for those who don’t want to choose between style and comfort when it comes to items like shirts, jumpers and sweatshirts.

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Credit: Another Man Mag

Founded in 1889, Carhartt managed to bridge the gap between American workwear and urban European streetwear. Focusing on everyday essentials and durable workwear, this brand is a prime example of how casual garments can become memorable… especially when they come from one-of-a-kind vintage collections from past decades!

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What’s your favourite everyday brand when it comes to vintage casual wear?

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