All Women's Vintage Accessories

When looking for unique accessories, look no further than vintage. Includes one-off pieces of vintage jewellery, hats from the last century, and second hand shoes. Shop our collection of vintage accessories to add the final touches to your vintage look


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Step up your look with Rokit’s collection of vintage women’s accessories

Our curated collection includes everything from discounted men's shoes to second hand hats to retro socks for women. Elevate an outfit with designer vintage ties or a vintage silk scarf. Or score some true vintage leather with our collection of vintage leather accessories like belts, bags and shoes. From hiking boots to bowties, vintage will cover you for any occasion.

Why shop vintage accessories?

Accessories complete an outfit but they are also often quickly bought and disposed of. We know the quality of an item helps us reduce waste which is why everything in our second hand accessories collection is made from quality materials, from our traditional vintage blankets to our woolly hats. Read more about our sustainable mission here.

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