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Do you want to know what a worthwhile fashion decision looks like? Shop our incredible range of women’s vintage suits and invest in a stylish suit to add power and pizazz to your wardrobe. There you have it. A sensible and rewarding decision. A vintage suit can be pulled out, pressed and become the sensible option for interviews, parties and inspirational power moments for years to come.

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Grey Burberry Suit Jacket - S
Grey Burberry Suit Jacket - S
Grey Burberry Suit Jacket - S
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Stylish Suits

The shape and style of a women’s vintage suit is often personalised, but, in general, the fits are relatively the same. So, it’s just a matter of selecting a style that takes your fancy. From vintage pinstripe suits and vintage two piece skirt and jacket suits, to vintage textured suits and vintage suits that simply stand out, shop your style at Rokit.

Suits You, Madam

Women’s vintage suits come in an array of styles. Typically, they can be categorised into three styles: vintage classic and professional suits with clean, tailored lines. Vintage fashionable and trendy suits, featuring modern cuts, colours and patterns. And formal or dressy suits which tend to be neutral with added embellishments and made from fancier fabrics.

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