The Jeans Bible

We LOVE how versatile jeans are, you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion! Fashion goes in circles and styles of jeans go in and out of style faster than lightning. From the vintage experts, here are some of the best styles throughout the decades (and how to style them with a modern twist)!

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The Flare Jean

Every 70s baby’s dream denim, the flare. Inspired by the navy, the flare jean rose in popularity in the 60s and 70s and is still a solid style that literally ANYONE can pull off. For a more Studio 54 look, style flared jeans with your best 70s disco shirt, waistcoat and boots. But if you’re feeling a little bit more casual like Farrah Fawcett, you can rock flares with a simple crewneck sweater and trainers. Skateboard optional...

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The High Waist One

Throughout history, high waisted styles can be dated back to the 40s, which explains why it feels like they've been around for an eternity! Made popular by Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits, high waisted jeans are the most flattering, especially on women. Cinching you in at the waist gives the much lusted after, hourglass shape and perfect to flatten down any food baby. Dress up with a cute blouse and heels or down with a crop top and trainers, depending on your mood.

The Beloved Bootcut

Ah, you’ve guessed it, the bootcut jean was designed so the wearer could slip boots on and off with ease. One of the simplest and more traditional cuts, these jeans can be styled in a boho or Parisian chic way. Pair bootcut jeans with a striped top, boots and crossbody bag for a chic affair or faux fur coat and band tee for an edgier look.

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The Straight Leg Jean

Easy, durable and an absolute must for everyone's wardrobe is the straight leg jean. Originally made popular by Levi Strauss with the release of the classic 501 jean. And if we're being honest here if you haven't got a pair you definitely should, they're a staple! Straight leg jeans can be worn slightly baggier with a cardigan and tee for a grunge look or fitted with a leather jacket for an everyday go-to outfit.

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The Low Rise Jean

Okay, so this one is definitely a Marmite situation but if you loved the low rise, you LOVED it. Low rise jeans make the perfect hip-hugging accessory and the phrase less is more really is apparent with these babies, the lower the jean the better. Pair low rise jeans with crop and mesh tops to feel your full Y2K Britney fantasy. And the best tip? Make sure to walk around with your hands in your pockets to get the overall pop star look.

So there we have it. A run-through of all our old classics and how to style them. Let us know in the comments if you’re a bootcut babe or a straight leg kinda person. Head over to to shop the denim edit now.

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