'Club Kids' Halloween Party: Rokit x Secretsundaze collaboration

This year Rokit are super excited to be teaming up with London-based promoters SecretSundaze to promote the first regular instalment of their ‘Club Kids’ Halloween Party. If you're still stuck for Halloween plans, and you're not averse to the idea of going to possibly the wildest most extravagant party imaginable, we might be able to help you.

If you’ve seen 2003 cult classic movie ‘Party Monster’ starring Macaulay Culkin, OR you actually happened to be around New York City a couple of decades ago then chances are you’ll be familiar with the Club Kids.

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But in case you don’t know: the Club Kids were a coterie of wildly eccentric young people that dominated the New York City club scene in the late 80s to mid 90s. Each with their own aliases and personalities, they made a name for themselves with their outrageously flamboyant antics, gender fluidity and audaciously risqué costumes that have been described as “part drag, part clown, part infantilism”.


As the group’s influence grew they were everywhere, running numerous parties such as the notorious weekly 'Disco 2000' night at Manhattan club The Limelight and spreading to Club USA, Palladium and Tunnel. Fully costumed, boombox-blasting and ready to party they would burst in and hijack places like Burger King and Dunkin' Donuts holding “outlaw parties” to recruit new members and spread the word about their club nights.

Though short-lived, the movement made a huge impact as an artistic and fashion conscious youth culture and their perpetual influence on alternative queer club culture can still be felt today.

Last year SecretSundaze introduced the Club Kids theme for the first time and it proved a huge success with over 1000 attendees. It went down so well that they decided to make it an annual thing, so if you didn’t make it to last year’s bash, now’s your chance.

The ‘Club Kids’ Halloween party is at at Bethnal Green's Oval Space, SecretSundaze’s usual haunt, on Saturday 27th October from 10pm – 6am. Tickets can be found here and make sure you RSVP to the Facebook event for updates - last year’s event sold out so make sure you grab yours and don’t miss out!

If you feel like you're struggling with outfit inspiration or it seems a little too daunting - never fear! The beauty of Club Kids’ style was how it revolved around ‘DIY’ and fluidity, so just about anyone can find their niche with this kind of costume.

SecretSundaze events, running successfully for 17 years with a very loyal following, are also known for being one of the most warm, welcoming and accepting parties in London. Just be as fabulous and over-the-top as possible, and remember that basically ‘anything goes’ and you’ll be just fine!

To help you secure the perfect outfit for the event we at Rokit are offering a cool 20% discount for any ‘Club Kids’ Halloween Party ticket holders - just show us your ticket confirmation in store and we’ll sort you out! Don’t forget to send us or tag us in photos of your outfits so you’re in with a chance of being featured on our social media channels!!

Keep your eyes peeled for more information as we’ll be keeping you updated on all our social media channels in the run up to the party. We’ll also of course be attending ourselves for an Instagram takeover to give you all a piece of action!

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