An Ode to Juicy Couture

Paris Hilton. Lindsay Lohan. J-Lo. Britney Spears. 

If there is one thing these ladies can agree on, it's the Juicy Couture tracksuit. It was the uniform of the diva in the mid 2000’s. Cast your mind back, try to picture an image of young Hollywood wearing anything else. You can’t.  

Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton & Jeremy Scott In Juicy Couture

Early Beginnings 

You could argue that there were other more iconic looks from that era, but you would be wrong. Yes, nothing takes us back to this sartorially confusing era faster than a knee length dress over a pair of bootcut jeans, it’s true. Maybe Sk8er Boi was the soundtrack to your life, and you worshiped at the shrine of Avril Lavigne? That’s fair, you were not wrong. Most likely, you were rocking a great pair of baggy cargo trousers too. This was another key look. Most often, a necktie worn with a vintage band t-shirt was necessary. Picture a vintage Rolling Stones or vintage KISS t-shirt. Nevermind that you had never heard of that band, you were flashing your street cred and that’s all that mattered.  As important as these looks were, they just never reached icon status like Juicy did. 

The Cheetah Girls & Lindsey Lohan in Juicy Couture

An Icon Is Born

Born in Los Angeles, California in the late 90’s, the label was originally called Travis Jeans, which specialised in maternity wear. A few years later the name was changed and it all went uphill from there. The vintage velour tracksuit we all know and love was originally custom made for Madonna in 2001, but it didn’t take long for this velour legend to become the ubiquitous look that defined a generation. At one point it was estimated that Juicy Couture was pulling in over £200 million per year. That’s a lot of hot pink velour!

How To Style 

The real question facing wannabe starlets of the time was how to wear a Juicy tracksuit.  Of course, it was illegal for a time to sport your Juicy Couture without carrying a steaming hot Starbucks Latte. One didn’t exist without the other. To really let people know you wanted to appear glamorous and casual, one simply needed to throw on a pair of Ugg boots to really seal the deal. Any sensible young lady knew to pair her Juicy Couture with a studded or crystal Ed Hardy T shirt.  Might as well throw the trucker hat on while you’re at it. You’re almost ready to hit the streets of Hollywood, but hang on. With paparazzi waiting to pounce around every corner, you’re going to need some sunnies. The only pair that would do would have been oversize black sunglasses. Now you’re ready! 

 Or maybe you're a mum, but want to be a “cool mum” like Regina George’s mum in “Mean Girls”.  Ditch your modern athleisure look for the OG who started it all. You’ll be the talk of the school run!

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