Celebrating freedom of expression has always been at the core of our identity. 

Our ethos has remained steadfast throughout Rokit’s 35 years and we are proud to champion our LGBTQ+ community and staff.

We opened our first store on Camden’s famous highstreet back in 1986 at a time where Camden was a hub for the alternative, a place for all tribes, cultures and communities to openly be themselves and thrive. Alongside Soho, the area offered a landscape in which minority scenes and lifestyles could develop, and as part of this community we have shared and supported these journeys. 

Rokit provided a safe space for anyone and everyone, maintaining gender neutral fitting rooms and activating an environment of absolute acceptance, where customers could feel free from the judgment so prevalent in typical retail stores. 

Over the years Rokit became an institution of the individual and catered for the unique. We offered an antidote to the mundanity of the high street and an alternative to conservative and often hostile environments. We nourished originality and offered the opportunity for you to pick your own wardrobe, to curate your own style, to shop and dress freely and effectively- do you. 

As we grew our values remained and we continue to support and develop those founding principles. We are not just accepting, but encouraging of both our staff and customers to be whoever they are. We hope we have always provided not just a safe, but a growth space for all who have worked in our company, walked through our doors or visited our website.

The sentiment prevails today, where those leading values of freedom, diversity, authenticity, and creativity continue to inspire the energy of our brand, employees and community alike.

We are proud to be proud. And may our colorful journey continue…

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