Womens Vintage 60s Clothing

This is the era of fashion innovation for women and it really shows. Women’s vintage 60s clothing is purely inspirational. A result of incredible imagination and application. Lady-like elegance met the playful mini-skirt as the modern-age created a new market for fashion. Striking designs, powerful patterns and a coming together of colours make women’s vintage 60s clothing some of the most diverse of its kind. Shop our range of vintage patterned dresses, blouses and skirts and admire other attractive vintage items such as vintage knitted cardigans and vintage coats.


60s Style Statements

Women’s clothing in the 60s revolutionised fashion forever. The shackles were off and the styles were as broad as they were bizarre. Whilst we admire women’s vintage 60s clothing for its boundary-breaking and breath-taking attitudes, its longevity is clear to see. Drainpipe jeans, mini-skirts, maxi-dresses, the jumper dress, sweaters, knitwear and more are still relevant today, And it’s all available in our women’s vintage 60s clothing collection, take a look!

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