Vintage Levi's 501

Is there a bigger icon in the world of jeans than the Levis 501? The Levis 501 is the pinnacle and it’s probably the most mass produced jean there’s ever been. If you’ve never owned a pair of vintage Levis 501s, now’s the time to pick up a pair. The unmistakable style of the Levis 501 is just part of their appeal. With vintage Levis 501s comes durability, an unreplicable look and envy. Shop our range of vintage Levis 501s and find your perfect fit. 


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You Can’t Patent Style

Whilst the style of Levis 501s has been duplicated, copied and replicated worldwide, there’s no mistaking a real pair of vintage Levis 501s. Loved and lived in, tough and resilient. A fit that is simply just a feeling. A feeling of straight-fit, buttoned fly perfection. Raw denim that shrinks to fit, for a more comfortable and confident stride. 

Wild West or Wherever 

The popularity of vintage Levis 501 jeans has to be largely down to the fact that they go with anything and can be worn anywhere or at any time. Originally designed as durable workwear, they can still be that today, just as much as they can be your best jeans for wearing on special occasions or an everyday item of clothing you can’t be without. Shop our vintage Levis 501 range and see where you end up wearing them.

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