Vintage Military Jackets

From cold weather-proof khaki parkas and water resistant US Air Force bomber jackets to classic navy pea coats and leather flight jackets, our wide array of vintage military coats and jackets are super durable pieces of outerwear. With pieces dating back to the 40s, a range of US Army field jackets from the Vietnam War and much more, you’re bound to find something you like, whether you’re looking for something practical, a collector’s item, or a more trend-led piece.


Mile-High Military Jackets

Embrace the elements with Rokit's collection of hard-wearing and authentic vintage military jackets that span the decades from WWII to the 90s. Look sky-high in our range of vintage leather flying jackets, vintage camo jackets or military parkas. Alternatively, opt for a bit of military tailoring with a timeless navy pea coat, army dress jacket or vintage military overcoat.

Khaki Culture

Army apparel is embedded into our culture. It co-exists alongside other classic fashion collections and has even stolen the show on some of the world’s coolest catwalks. Slowly but surely, the association of khaki attire as an armed forces outfit is dwindling. Instead, the camouflage colours can be combined with any outfit for a versatile vintage appeal. Our vintage military jackets are captured from countless countries across the globe and represent a range of eras and military units.

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