Men's Vintage Clothing: 80s

A mix of styles, a collision of cultures and an anything goes attitude can only mean one thing: 80s men’s clothing. Bring to life this anything-goes era with shell suits, double denim, and vintage streetwear.


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Discover 80s men's fashion in our collection of secondhand and vintage clothing

The eighties, an era of colour, chaos and boundary breaking. Sportswear began to make its mark in everyday fashion. Subcultures like New Romantics, Punks, Rudeboys & Rockabillies put style first. Makeup for men was very much in. And flares were very much out. 

Browse our collection of men's 80s clothing, from statement to classic pieces. Everything from 80s vintage denim brands like Levi's & Lee, to iconic 80s patterned knitwear. Explore our vintage streetwear from the 80s including vintage windbreakers & unique military-inspired bomber jackets. Everyday vintage clothing like vintage mens shirts & tailoring also appear in our collection. 

Looking for 80s fashion inspiration? Find inspiration in Duran Duran, Prince, Boy George, and Dapper Dan.

Established in ‘86

We are as old as the clothing in this collection. Rokit began on a stall in Camden Market, North London, selling secondhand denim clothing. We sourced everything from secondhand Levi’s to Wrangler. Since 1986, we have been committed to sourcing quality secondhand clothing to reducing fashion waste.

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