Meet Claudia

Claudia Ayuso, the environmental activist

'Second hand and vintage shopping is the way to go. We need to stop producing and buying so much. If someone is looking for ways of being more conscious about the environment, stop using single-use anything and get reusable things instead.' 

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Meet Claudia, an environmental activist who has worked with NGOs all over the world. She’s created films, videos, a podcast and even written a book on environmental and social issues concerning climate change, mass consumption and human rights in developing countries. Claudia is passionate about promoting sustainable living and world harmony.

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When did you start creating content online? 

Has the subject of your work always been centred around the environment?

I started making videos when I was 14! I started off with the usual fashion and beauty kind of videos. I’d say in around 2015 something just aligned for me, and then I knew the direction I was going with my work. That’s when I started making more conscious videos because I felt a responsibility to share and discuss these issues with the world.


Tell us more about your mission and what you’re up to in 2019.

At the beginning of January 2019 I started a new podcast called The Cheeky Revolution, where I’m chatting to people who have put the environment at the heart of what they’re doing. I believe that the most successful things come from passion and dedication and from the heart. I think people are starting to understand that, too, and that’s why I think it’s such a great podcast to do. You hear those stories and if you want to do something like that yourself, and to make a difference, these people are inspiring you and telling you exactly how they did it. I just want us all to be in harmony with the world, that’s my main point, I think I strive to inspire people to do that.


What are your thoughts on vintage and second-hand fashion ?

We really need to slow down fast fashion, stop producing so much and stop buying so much. Choosing to shop second-hand and vintage is one simple way to start making a change, it really is the way to go.


Can you suggest some easy, straightforward steps someone could make if they want to start making a difference and living a more environmentally conscious lifestyle? What are some things you do yourself daily?

If someone is looking for ways that they can start being more environmentally conscious, first of all I’d suggest stop using single-use anything! We should be getting re-usable things like water bottles, cutlery, bags. Go for pre-loved items whether it’s clothes or furniture. You really don’t have to buy anything new, there’s already so much out there! Take some time, educate yourself and try to find some more responsible alternatives to the things you use everyday. It’s so important.

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