Somehow being in a field dancing to your favourite music with your mates means when it comes to fashion, there’s no boundaries. Maybe for you that means taking centre stage and going all out with a carefully planned super extra get-up, or maybe you just like embracing the freedom of not having to care at all and shamelessly throwing on your comfiest most practical gear. Either way, festivals are the ultimate time to let go and express yourself while you party in the sunshine (or rain in this country’s case, no doubt)!

Going vintage for your festival look is the only way you can dress totally on-trend without dressing like everyone else! Plus, it’ll feel great to treat yourself to a truly unique look while knowing you’re helping the planet by choosing sustainable slow fashion!

Whatever vibe you’re going for and whichever festivals you’re attending, our little style guide will hopefully give you some inspiration.


Woodstock ‘69 will eternally be one of the most iconic festivals of all time, not only for the legendary acts that played but maybe even more so for the fashion! The Woodstock look is classic: the mother of all the hippie, boho-chic fashion you see around today. Marry typical 60s and 70s styles: think crochet and macrame, suede fringe jackets, headscarves and headdresses, floaty fabrics and feathers. Forget Sienna and the Olsens - Grace Slick, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin did it first.


Nearly every guy you know probably dresses like Liam and Robbie at Glastonbury ‘95 (when they were still mates) without even trying. This unforgettable festival style epitomises that classic 90’s “lad” look that is still so prevalent in the field today, complete with branded sportswear and anoraks and going hand-in-hand with essential bucket hats and bum bags. Androgynous, always cool and always practical, this one’s an easy one to pull off.


Whether you see it as tacky nostalgia or you’ve been lapping up the revival since it came back in, neo-Y2K is still very much a thing and it’ll be dominating festival fashion again this summer. There’s so much fun to be had here - think futuristic sci-fi vibes with metallics, neon and square sunnies. Go down the socialite princess path like Paris & Nicole with velour, flares and low-rise pants, diamantes and cute slogan crop tops. Or maybe Lil Kim and J-Lo are more your vibe, from bandeaus and bandanas to fur trimmed jackets and knee-high boots.

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