Earth Day

We all know it’s important to take care of our planet every day, but with Earth Day falling on 22nd April, this month is the perfect time to really get your green on. So what is Earth Day? 

Since it began in 1970, events have been held around the world on the big day to spread awareness of environmental issues and to celebrate the progress we’ve made in cleaning up our environment and the steps we’re currently taking to protect our planet. 

As a vintage clothing retailer who has been committed to recycling discarded clothing for over 30 years, Earth Day is pretty close to our hearts. We save tons of clothing from landfill waste - last year we rehomed over 120 tons of clothing!

Buying vintage is just one simple step you can take to live a greener lifestyle - how will you make a difference for Earth Day 2019?

Amongst our huge range of vintage, we’ve curated styles to suit every element. Shop our Earth Day edit and embrace the elements in more ways than one with a sustainable outfit that can help save the planet.


Stay “down to earth” in natural fibres like cotton and wool, opting for floral pastels, forest greens and earthy browns. For a more utilitarian look, denim and military are durable and practical yet effortlessly stylish. Why buy new when the world of preloved durable garments already has so much to choose from? Vintage denim and military uniforms were built to last!


If you’re daring enough to add a passionate pop of colour to your wardrobe, you’re sure to turn heads. Vamp it up even further with bold shapes and fabrics to complement those striking reds, oranges and golds. Be brave and team colour blocking with statement accessories. Save our poor planet some energy and channel all that fire into your outfits!


Refresh your style with blues and turquoise complemented by coral-like pastels and white for an enchantingly aquatic palette. Mimic that marine mystery with the waviest vintage oversized and metallic pieces. With just a few small changes you can help our oceans stay beautiful - why not invest in a reusable straw and drinks bottle?


Let your body breathe by layering easy-breezy vintage fabrics like mesh, cotton and silk. Keep colour palettes clean and chic with lights, whites and neutrals. Treat your look like it’s the air that you breathe - take a walk or hop onto public transport in a sustainable style that helps minimise fashion pollution.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Want to try living a greener lifestyle but just don’t know where to start? We’re here to help!

By recycling garments and saving tonnes of discarded clothing from landfill each year, we aim to close the throw-away cycle of fast fashion and work towards a greener fashion future. Shopping vintage is just one simple step you can take to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Reduce Waste: Wear Vintage.