70s Clothing

For the best vintage 70s clothing you need to discover a collection which showcases the entire decade. Luckily, for you, our collection pops with pastel coloured 70s clothing in the form of bell bottom jeans, jumpsuits and tube tops! Style it out all the way back to the 70s for that relaxed, casual, chic look.


Sixties to Seventies

Heaps of our retro 70s clothing is reminiscent of the 60s. Popular Hippie trends continued to influence the era. Tye dye t-shirts, blouses and ponchos were all still prevalent and patterned with native american style or floral designs. Although similar styles were visible, 70s clothing continued to transcend through more glamorous looks, leisure attire and tailoring.

Dress to Impress

Fitted blazers with wide lapels ensured tailored styles were here to stay, whilst active wear such as tracksuits, crop tops and sweatshirts kept the look more relaxed. In between all of that, ankle length maxi dresses, midi dresses, frayed jeans and graphic tees kept the casual appeal alive. For more of this, check out our range of 70s vintage clothing and accessories.

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