How to Wear an Oversized Jumper

When it's freezing outside and hibernation mode kicks in, cosy and chunky knitwear is a must for keeping super-warm and looking on point through those cold winter months! Oversized jumpers have been a go-to style for decades, and what better to don sinking pints by the fire or curling up on the sofa. Whether you’re throwing on a super-chunky cable knit with your favourite 501’s or a simple woollen turtleneck for a smarter look, there are heaps of retro sweaters to suit every style scenario. Whatever your style or budget, you need an oversized jumper in your wardrobe!

Remember size matters- don’t be shy. When we say oversized, we mean oversized! Go up a size or two and think slouch, loose and nonchalant.

Now you’ve chosen your knit -what to wear it with? Here’s a few ideas on how to style’ an oversized jumper or sweater this season:

Full On Chunky 

Whether you’re channeling the hip hop aesthetic of the 90s or keeping it modern with tonal layering, an oversized jumper can be worn with wide leg trousers or baggy jeans. Accessorise with ultra chunky boots or trainers, and go full swagger with a massive coat or jacket. Layer an xxl sweater under some dungarees or throw a huge knit over colored or patterned tights for a sulky jumper dress. The more you look like your outfit is consuming you the better!

Chunky oversized jumper

Pairing with Jeans

Another way to style your oversized sweater, is to combine it with classic jean styles, straight leg or skinny, bootcut or baggy- each of which will give your jumper a totally different look. 

This might seem like the most obvious choice, but you know you just can’t go wrong with a trusty pair of vintage jeans. Slap on your favourite Levi’s 501 with literally any oversize knit or sweat. Boot cuts are back, yeas you read that right! Time to grab a noughties number and let everyone know you’re ahead of the curve. Or go oversized sweat, bucket hat and baggys and channel rave before smartphones. Head across the pond for hip hop inspiration and finish your baggy jeans with a coogi knit or seriously large hoody or sweat.

For a bit of glitz and an evening spin on the look, try teaming your oversize jumper with some leather jeans. Hot child in the city!!

Or if you want understated, think effortless Parisian via Anna Karina and chuck on a loose knit with a simple cigarette or slim cropped jean.


Two words, Princess Diana. That’s it. We’ve all seen the pap pics of Lady Di rushing from the gym in her oversize Harvard or Virgin Atlantic jumpers. ICONIC. Channel your inner Diana and give it a go. We know you’ve got some spandex bike shorts somewhere.


Princess Diana with oversized jumper and shorts

Oversized Jumper with a Skirt

Skirts work! There are no rules, midi, maxi or mini. Plaid? Yes, please! Pencil? Why not? It doesn’t matter if it’s solid or patterned, an oversize jumper will work with any skirt. If you’re having an 80’s moment, go for a loud novelty knit and pair it with a leather mini skirt. If you’re feeling the need to cinch, add a vintage leather or chain belt to the mix. It’s a look! If you’re thinking more fashion week, tuck and oversized sweat in the front of a fitted skirt and finish with a cross body or mini ‘it’ bag. And let’s not forget the cosy jumper and sparkly skirt combo, the flash back alternative to a sequin dress come party season.

For a heritage take on festival chic, choose a traditional style such as a nordic, fairisle or aran and team with mini skirt, hiking boots or wellies. There’s no need to ditch the jumper come summer, keep one alway handy for those chillier mornings and late summer nights, and bring some heat to this season's micro mini trend.

Oversized jumper with a skirt

Punk and Grunge

You might not associate knitwear with punks but Vivienne Westwood famously reimagined the classic mohair sweater, producing a looser weave and opting for bold block colours. The baggy unruly knit became a staple of Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols and later influenced Nirvana. For an authentic punk look wear a simple oversized mohair with slim fitting jeans, leather trousers or a tight fitting skirt. Or go grunge with a nod to Courtney Love and add an oversized jumper over a cami dress or slip skirt. For a masterclass in vintage knitwear, who better than Kurt Cobain. Layer an old school cardigan over a t shirt *subversive take on suburban banal optional. 

Punk and grunge oversized jumper

Dad Vibes

Style your loose knit, be it crew, v or roll neck over a shirt and wear with some basic jeans or classic chinos. Add some chunky trainers, New Balance is best, and top with a baseball cap to channel 90’s Dad ‘off duty’. For the girls, think Ganni granny and wear a midi skirt, headscarf and loose sweater with trainers, sensible shoes or wellies. Add on an anorak or windbreaker for added cold weather concerns!

Dad vibes, oversized jumper



Go big or go home. The oversized trend is largely inspired by hip hop and streetwear culture, adopted by skate and later snowboarding style. It’s all about the loose silhouette, emphasising rebellion and disregarding the stuffy fitted suit. Go up a few sizes and you’ve got plenty of room to move. Wear your jumper, hoodie or sweater long and loose, pairing with jeans or track pants, workwear or cargo trousers.  

Streetwear - oversized jumper

The Monochromatic Vs Block Colour Look

Knitwear pieces are incredibly versatile. Mix your chunky sweater up with block colours, or go for a minimalist monochrome, there are so many ways that you can style an oversized jumper. 

Who says that you shouldn’t look to match your jumper with the same colour skirt or trousers? Most oversized jumpers have great textured details like cable-knits or ribs, and this gives you enough visual contrast to style-out with the same coloured bottom half. 

Alternatively, if you want to make more of a statement, go for a stand-out skirt like a red, blue, purple or green to give you a cool definition between top and bottom which also works well.

Block colour and monochromatic oversized jumper

Accessorize Your Oversized Jumper

Time to get creative! No matter how you pair your oversized jumper, adding eye-catching accessories can change the dynamic of the whole outfit…..with little effort. How about a vintage belt to draw the eye and add some shape, or elevate the jumper with bold statement jewellery; we’d suggest pairing with vintage gold, whether chunky or minimalistic.

Earrings are probably the easiest to accessorise with an oversized sweater. We’d go as loud as the jumper, teaming a big 80’s knit with big brash earnings, or go 90s with either oversized gold or simple small hoops. Contradiction works well as does matching. Team block colours with low key simple accessories or add a bit of flair with statement jewels. Likewise go ‘out-out’ with oversized jewellery, or pair OTT styles back with modern minimalism.

Depending on your own style, you may want to add a hat? There are plenty of options that will work well with an outfit like this. So whether you’re into a statement headband, slick beret, beanie or bucket, we feel you can easily use a hat to accessorise your knitwear.

Oversized jumper


Wearing the right Footwear

You can change the whole look of your knitwear outfit by pairing it with different footwear. If you want the more chilled-out look with your oversized jumper, then wear your boot-cut or straight legged jeans with a pair of chunky or retro trainers. Why not channel the performance wear trend and match utility or hiking boots with a midi-skirt or cammo pants. How about trying a cute mini and knee high boots, mixing it up with a baggy knit on top? 

Back to the 90s and there’s so many options. Wear Dr Martens shoes or boots with a straight leg jean and top with a slouchy effortless knit. Pair Converse with literally anything or go Brit pop with a vintage knit, Adidas Stan Smith or Gazelle’s. Or cross genres styling an xl sweat with Wallaby shoes. And finally, nu metal, when that oversized sweat meets your vans, however trashed! 

Whichever style you choose, there’s plenty of different ways to wear your favourite footwear with an oversized jumper…..

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