Sex and the City: Style Guide

posted on 19th June 2020

Whether you’re a Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha or Carrie. Sex in The City has provided decades of entertainment, advice and of course fashion inspo. These four different women, with completely different styles, transformed the turn…

5 People You Meet At A Festival

posted on 12th June 2020

Summer 2020 has officially been cancelled. Glasto, Reading, Download are all down the drain now. But what’s stopping us from reminiscing about some of our favourite people we meet at festivals and their outfits?…

Colour Pop

posted on 29th May 2020

With winter nearly officially over, it’s time to dig out the spring and summer garms! Now, I know we’re all guilty of going straight to the more monochromatic pieces in our wardrobe but it’s…

Springtime Layering

posted on 13th March 2020

I’m not sure about you, but over here at  Rokit, we LOVE layering! With winter finally drawing to a close (hooray!), we want to take advantage of layering while we still can! Here are…

The Jeans Bible

posted on 2nd March 2020

We LOVE how versatile jeans are,  you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion! Fashion goes in circles and styles of jeans go in and out of style faster than lightning….

The History Behind 80s Power Dressing

posted on 17th February 2020

There is perhaps one thing that stands out when we think of the 80s and no, it’s not scandals like, Madonna’s Like a Prayer music video or Paul Mccartney’s brief spell in prison. Have…

Carhartt: Subcultures, Riots and Legacy

posted on 12th February 2020

History   Carhartt is a family-run business that started out supplying heavy-duty workwear for labourers over 130 years ago. Over time, this has turned into an empire that supplies clothing for the masses.  Born…