Subcultures: Punk

posted on 11th September 2020

With every subculture comes the entwinement of music, culture, politics and fashion. Like all great subcultures of our time, punk is no different. Emerging in the 70s, punk was the epitome of non-conformity and…

Bleacher Jeans: History and Subculture

posted on 23rd July 2020

With Rokit’s roots firmly planted in London subculture, it’s only natural that at Rokit Originals, we love to look to iconic vintage pieces for inspiration. It’s safe to say bleacher jeans are having a…

Subcultures: Grunge

posted on 17th July 2020

Like all great subcultures of the world, they revolve around culture, music and of course fashion. Some of the most notable subcultures include Mods, Goths and Punks in which many of the fashion and…

The Jeans Bible

posted on 2nd March 2020

We LOVE how versatile jeans are,  you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion! Fashion goes in circles and styles of jeans go in and out of style faster than lightning….

The History Behind 80s Power Dressing

posted on 17th February 2020

There is perhaps one thing that stands out when we think of the 80s and no, it’s not scandals like, Madonna’s Like a Prayer music video or Paul Mccartney’s brief spell in prison. Have…

Crazy About 80s Blouses

posted on 22nd January 2020

Get your hairspray ready and start humming your favourite synth-pop tune: today we’re talking about 80s blouses! Whether you love or hate some of the trends of the most over-the-top decade, nobody can deny…

A Groovy, Rare Collection of 70s Disco Shirts

posted on 18th January 2020

Imagine the joy experienced by a pirate who’s just discovered a forgotten chest full of gold on the bottom of the sea. Pretty overwhelming, right? Now, get ready for the vintage equivalent: finding a…