One of the most memorable experiences one may endure during university is freshers week. Filled with poisonous levels of alcohol,and if you’re a bit unlucky, get the freshers flu… But freshers week wouldn’t be freshers week without the weird and wonderful people you meet along the way. Today we’re gonna be talking you through some of the strange people you meet during the most bizarre week you’ll ever go through and how you can dress just like them.

The Lightweight

Now, most of us definitely can relate to this one, you’ve moved out of your parents home, there’s no limits or restrictions and most of us end up really smashing it. But there is always one person that just takes it a little too far. This poor sod is likely to be the person who ended up downing 2 dirty pints from the pre-drink game of ring of fire. The lightweight is definitely going to be the biggest liability of your night and can be found slumped outside the kebab shop next to a pool of their own vomit. Depending on whether your local lightweight is a girl or a guy, they often can be spotted in an LBD or comfy jeans, and a flannel shirt.

Vintage Burton Check Flannel Shirt
Vintage Levi’s 501 Dark Wash Jeans
Rokit Originals Reworked Vintage Pixie Slip Dress








The Mum

Maybe the slightly more mature student knocking around, the mum can sometimes be found holding the hair back of the lightweight and booking them an uber home. Really gone HAM at Ikea, the mum has the best room in student halls decked out with fairy lights, pictures of the girls in Malia and is a Pinterest board’s wet dream. The mum is often a girly girl, opting for a lot of pink and brand names, check out our top picks below!

Tommy Hilfiger Pink And White Stripe T-shirt
Rokit Originals Vintage Fabric Pixie Slip Dress
D&G Pink Spotted Chiffon Off-The-Shoulder Top 
Image Credit: The Tab


The Cheapskate

Definitely one of the most annoying out of the group, the cheapskate will be chasing you up for the £1 that you owe them for those king skins they bought you 7 weeks ago. Their idea of a gourmet meal is a spam sandwich with baked beans topped off with mayo (yes, we’ve witnessed this). The cheapskate’s fashion tends to be, well, cheap and they love a fleece so they don’t have to turn on the heating!

Tommy Hilfiger Fleece Sweatshirt
Tommy Hilfiger Black Fleece
Vintage 90s K-Way Black Tracksuit Bottoms








The Food Theif

Unfortunately, we’ve all dealt with this person one way or another. Nothing is worse than coming home from a lecture to eat that tub of Ben & Jerry’s that you splashed out on to find it GONE. Want to know what makes the situation more aggravating? Finding the empty tub in the bin. The food thief is slick and sometimes, you may never really know who it is. After numerous rants to your mum on the phone about this, you can guarantee that you’re getting a mini-fridge for your room at Christmas.

KFC Polo Shirt
Burger King Black Polo Shirt
Vintage In N Out Burger T-Shirt
Image Credit: The Tab

The Stoner

With half of their student loan going on an ounce on an illicit herb every week, the stoner can be nine times out of ten in their bedroom with other stoners. Blasting a mix of Pink Floyd and Bob Marley out, you can be sure that these lot are not going to do their part of the cleaning this week, or ever.

1950’s Beige Horse Patterned Knitted Buffalo Cardigan
Vintage Bob Marley T-shirt
Camouflage Track Trousers









So there’s our little round-up of some of the people you might meet at freshers. We hope we haven’t put you off the experience! Let us know in the comments, who’s your favourite person you’ve met at freshers?