Hands down the most influential teen movie of the millennium, and stupidly relatable ‘Mean Girls’ has become a cult classic. What’s more memorable than the quotes? The fashion! A pure overdose in Juicy Couture tracksuits, low rise jeans and ham facemasks that bring out the blue in your eyes. We’re gonna be walking you through our favourite characters’ styles and how you can get the look.

Still image of Cady Heron in Mean Girls
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures


Cady Heron

Nothing screams awkward teenager quite like Cady Heron. Smart, beautiful, she really does have all the qualities that would make her a great mean girl. Evidently, she’s easily persuaded by anything and anyone. A sucker for flannel shirts and military jackets, her style is giving us dad energy vibes (which 100% is not a bad thing). For a classic Cady look, check out our top picks below.

Vintage Ralph Lauren Check Flannel Shirt
Levi’s 501 Medium Stonewash Blue Denim Jeans
90s Green Military Combat Jacket







Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Janice Ian

The punkier one of the lot, Janice Ian’s style is a mixture of grunge, punk with a little sprinkling of goth. With the attitude of a mean girl, Janice also seems to be the voice of reason. Her style is oversized, full of layering and has lots of iconic slogan tees, most notably her t-shirt that says rubbish on it.


Vintage Lee Heavy Metal Patch Denim Jacket
Vintage AC/DC Graphic T-shirt
Vintage 60’s Big E Levis 501 Selvedge Jeans







Image Credit: Paramount Pictures


Similar to Cady, Damian loves a good flannel shirt. Wearing anything to blend into girl world, he goes for comfort over style opting for hoodies, jeans and polo t-shirts but this does not go unrecognized. For some comfy Damian classics, check our top picks below.

Vintage Levi’s 550 Straight Leg Jeans
Ray-Ban Aviator Silver Sunglasses
Ralph Lauren Blue Zip-Up Hoodie







Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Karen Smith

The most… er interesting one of the group, Karen like the entire group of the plastics, well dress the same. Short mini skirts, complimentary figure-hugging tops and ridiculously high heels (seriously, who wears stilettos to school?) Her most iconic outfit though has to be her Halloween costume, “I’m a mouse, DUH!” For a Karen Halloween inspired costume, check out our sustainable alternatives below.

Black Polka Dot Slip Dress
50s Black Bag
Black Dior Logo Patterned Heel







Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Gretchen Wieners

The biggest gossip of all, Miss Wieners style is practically a carbon copy of her pals, we do however see her branch out a bit with her slogan tee ‘Royal Punk’ paired with a Burberry nova check style pleated skirt.

90s Red Perspex Heel
60s Red Knitted Tank Top
Dickies Khaki Mini Pencil Skirt
Regina, Gretchen and Karen in Mean girls
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Regina George

The queen bee and spawn of Satan herself, Regina George opts for a heavily feminine look. Mini skirts, low rise jeans, cropped velour hoodies. Like most leaders, her disciples follow literally anything she’s doing and has the incredible ability to start any fashion trend without criticism.

Vintage Black Leather Skirt
90s Gianni Versace Couture Baby Pink Cardigan
Gianna Versace Black Leather Medusa Mule Shoes
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Regina George’s Mum

Ok, we’re just gonna throw this one in here but while her presence isn’t prevalent throughout the whole film, you cannot deny that Regina George’s mum is ICONIC. We only see her in a few scenes, but honestly, that was enough to create an absolute icon. Her style is that very much of a glamorous mum with her Juicy Couture tracksuits and youthful dresses. But no one can forget that incredible moment at the Christmas talent show with the mini skirt and embroidered blazer, VCR in hand dancing along.

Dusty Pink Juicy Couture Hoodie
Dusty Pink Juicy Couture Hoodie
Juicy Couture Rose Pink Velour Track Trousers
Juicy Couture Pale Pink Velour Track Hoodie








So there it is! Our top favourite characters and how you can dress just like them. Let us know who your favourite Mean Girls character is in the comments below!