Hands up if you’ve watched the new Channel 4  documentary series about a certain northern fast-fashion giant?…Yep, thought so. Hands up if you binge-watched the whole thing in a mix of fascination and outrage?… *sheepishly raises hand*. And so it felt only natural for us to take the opportunity to talk about how we do things here at Rokit Originals, and how it is totally possible to create fashion-forward pieces that are also easy on your pocket and the planet.


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Designing at Rokit Originals

Don’t be misguided into thinking that all design meetings involve scrolling through Instagram until you find something worth copying. At Rokit Originals we have a pretty unique opportunity – abundant vintage both to rework and draw inspiration from. Whether it’s the ultimate 60s babydoll dress that we just have to reproduce from deadstock fabrics (it wouldn’t be fair for only one person to have it!) to having to figure out what’s possible with any given garment. We regularly have to disregard prior knowledge and think outside the box in order to achieve a great design with pre-existing material.


Lead Times

I’m sure like us your jaw hit the floor when the subject came up of a supplier turning around a 1000 unit restock in less than a week. We saw little concern for the wellbeing of factory workers and the possibility of working excessive overtime in order to produce this last minute order for this powerful, high profile customer who suppliers cannot afford to risk pissing off.

At Rokit Originals, our small London based team produces around 200 pieces a week, and we don’t do overtime. Keeping everything in-house means we can control our own supply to meet demand. We’re always mega busy but make sure we find the time for a joke, a design chat, and a LOT of coffee! Team Rokit Originals has a super versatile skill set and we’re all super keen to contribute ideas and different ways of doing things, our all hands on deck attitude means productivity comes with a smile! 🧀



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Our colour blocked baby tees taking shape… ♻️

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If the idea of negotiating a supplier down to £7.40 to manufacture a fully factored (Fun fact! Fully factored means the supplier sources the material, trims etc and the cost includes everything for the finished garment) dress turns your stomach, you’re not alone.

You might also wonder how at Rokit Originals we can manufacture in London in small batches and still sell at such a competitive price. Through our well-established network of vintage suppliers, we are fortunate to have access to incredible materials at an affordable price… remember this stuff would be going in the bin otherwise! We also don’t wholesale which allows us to offer our pieces at a smaller profit margin. We want sustainable fashion to become the norm and we can’t achieve that by being exclusionary!


And yeah we know influencers are cool, aspirational, and if we’re being frank, highly lucrative from a marketing standpoint. (Hence why companies are willing to offer them insane 6 figure sums to collaborate with them.)

But if you see an influencer wearing Rokit Originals, it’s because they genuinely believe in our product (I mean duh, who doesn’t!) and want to support sustainable fashion. When we gift, it’s important we work with people who share our ethics and values and want to help us contribute something positive to the fashion industry and the wider world.


Extravagant photoshoots in Parisian townhouses, Austrian snowscapes and London fire escapes (okay we can relate to that one!) might sound exciting, but when you’re based in one of the world’s great capitals and THE fashion city with all its history and culture, why would you look elsewhere? Rokit is rooted in London’s underground community and streetwear and subculture are part of our DNA. We are super proud to capture that in our imagery and show it off wherever possible. That, and it saves us the totally unnecessary carbon emissions – not cool.

We could wax lyrical about all the ways Rokit Originals is a great way to indulge in fashion without lying awake at night questioning your moral choices, but we’ll leave it at that for now! We’re committed to being transparent about our products so let us know in the comments what you want to learn more about!

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