Ok, so everyone under the sun has now seen Euphoria and if you haven’t, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN! Described as the U.S. answer to Skins, Euphoria has hit our screens with a bang. It covers everything from teenage drug addiction, sexuality and domestic violence. What created shockwaves more than the storylines, it was, of course, the outfits. Mimicking current Gen Z and Gen Alpha trends influenced by today’s social media, Euphoria’s wardrobe is just as infatuating as the characters. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite characters and how you can get their look all with sustainable vintage pieces.

Rue wearing a hoodie and tie dye t-shirt
Image Credit: HBO


The main character in the series, Rue is blunt, hard to read and sometimes comes off a little rude. Recently out of rehab, Rue’s style in most episodes seems to take comfort over style. She effortlessly pulls off the ‘it was on the floor so now it’s on me’ look. Think baggy hoodies, converse and oversized tie-dye tees. When she is spotted out of her athleisure attire, Rue opts for a mix of relaxed tailoring and loud patterned Hawaiian shirts.

Vintage Tommy Bahama Hawaiian Shirt
Dickies Black Workwear Shorts
Blue And Yellow Spiral Tie Dye T-shirt
Jules wearing angel wings
Image Credit: HBO


100% influenced by the Tumblr Pastel Goths of 2014, Jules’ style is completely opposite to Rue’s. With her bubblegum pink hair (that seems to change every episode) you’ll always spot her in some kind of pleated skirt and layered top combo. For a Jules inspired look, check out our picks below and for extra points, add lots of glitter to your make up.

Y2K Patterened Pleated Tennis Skirt
Rokit Originals Purple Reworked Vintage Baby Tee
Rokit Originals Recycled Denim Destiny Bag
Image Credit: HBO


Throughout the series, Kat’s style is reminiscent of the girl next door. After experimenting with camming and becoming confident in her sexuality, her style does a complete 180 and transforms into a gothic dominatrix. Think harnesses, mesh, PVC and lots of leather. While some might think her new sense of style might be a little daring or better yet saved for behind closed doors, we’ve picked out some stylish alternatives that are a little more PG.

Vintage Black Leather Skirt
Sophia Webster Black Patent Leather Killer Heels
Rokit Originals Recycled Leather Lucky Bra
Image Credit: HBO


Two words, mom jeans. Definitely the most innocent of the bunch Cassie’s style reflects just that. Cassie is a  real lover of high waisted vintage jeans and a little cropped cardigan. Her style is cute and casual, she does, however explore looks that are a little more sultry for the evening. For these looks,you can expect nightwear as outerwear and mini dresses. 

Mini Black Slip Dress
High Waisted Washed Out Jeans
Vintage Crochet Short Sleeve Cardigan
Image Credit: HBO


Not afraid of a fashion risk, Maddy’s fashion choices are borderline scandalous. You won’t often see her in a simple casual outfit or mom jeans like her pal Cassie. For a classic Maddy look opt for anything with a cowl neck, sheer or that sparkles. To finalize the look, go for extravagant eyeliner and add lots of gems to your face.

Vintage Scorpians Cheerleader Top
Rokit Originals Vintage Fabric Imp Top
Frederick’s Of Hollywood Red Sheer Cami









So there’s our little round of our top favourite characters from Euphoria and how to get their look! Let us know who your favourite character or style is!