Let’s be honest there’s nothing better than a vintage t-shirt. Not only can you scream and shout to the whole wide world who your favourite band is but they’re just goddamn cool. We’re going to run you through our favourite band t-shirts and the many different ways you can style them.

Jeans and a T-shirt


Kicking off at number 1 is an all-time classic, jeans and a band t-shirt. You can’t beat it! Style your favourite band t-shirt with some Levi 501 and converse for a 90s grunge look. If you’re feeling more like Kurt Cobain, style band t-shirts and jeans with a knitted cardigan. For more of a Lenny Kravits look, throw in a denim vest to the mix. For a more dressy vibe, style this look with some killer heels and a mini bag.


Vintage Levi’s 501
Vintage Nirvana Band T-shirt
Vintage Lee Heavy Metal Denim Vest








80s blouses


If you’re not so much into the grungy vibes of things styling band t-shirts with ruffled 80s blouses underneath give a new romantic feel. It’s a great way to soften the ‘harshness’ of metal band t-shirts. For optimum use of this, layer the blouse underneath the t-shirt and style with trousers or jeans of your choice! Lastly, throw in heels for the perfect going out to dinner look. 


Vintage Metallica Band T-Shirt
70s Victorian Style Ruffle Blouse
Vintage Dolce & Gabbana Brown Patent Leather High Heels









Animal Print


If you wanna spice up your outfit and be a little more daring when it comes styling your band t-shirts adding animal print into the mix is a great way to do this. For a flare of Scary Spice, style your vintage band t-shirt of choice with some leopard trousers and a western belt! See our top choices below.

Vintage 1982 Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Mood Band T-Shirt
Rokit Originals Leopard Print Patti Flares
Wide Brim Hat With Leopard Detail

Baggy Trousers


Another great way to style your band t-shirts is with some simple tailored black trousers! You can tuck your vintage tee in or out depending on your mood. Mixing a vintage band t-shirt with fitted trousers looks effortlessly cool. Sling over a black leather jacket and you’re good to go. For added extra chic-ness layer a black turtle neck top underneath and a wide brim hat!

Vintage AC/DC Band T-Shirt
Vintage Classic Leather Biker Jacket
Retro Hugo Boss Black Cord Trousers










Not only are skirts breezy and easy to wear they contrast well against vintage band t-shirts. The key to styling band-shirts with skirts is the way you manipulate the t-shirt! Vintage band tees can be made into a crop top or tucked in, there are so many different ways you can style this! Finish off this look with some badass boots and chunky jewellery. 


70s Red Tartan Kilt
Vintage Iron Maiden Band T-Shirt
90s Black Acid Wash Denim Skirt

Band T-Shirts As Dresses


If you’re feeling kind of lazy and in a ‘cba’ mood, there’s one last way you can style band t-shirts. Are you ready for this one?… wear a band t-shirt 3 times too big for you and wear it as a dress! Groundbreaking, we know. Not only is this the perfect throw on outfit but looks ridiculously effortless too! Add sunglasses and a shoulder bag for the classic ‘don’t look at me’ vibe. Below are some oversized band t-shirts to get you started!

Rare 1994 Brown Metallica Band T-Shirt
Oakley Jupiter White And Gold Sunglasses
Black Leather Frye USA Biker Boots









Sadly, we’ve now come to the end of our top different ways to style band t-shirts. Let us know in the comments below what your favourite way to style them is!