No matter whether you’re new to Rokit or you’ve been shopping with us for years, you’ll surely know just how important protecting the environment is to us. 

Working towards a greener future in fashion and beyond is a fundamental part of our mission as a brand, and we endeavour to not only go the extra mile to be as sustainable as possible but also to help and inspire our customers to do the same. Check out our sustainability page for more on our commitment to this cause.

Sharing a similar mission is Green Matters, the “fastest growing green-lifestyle media company”. With a news website and a presence across social media channels, their mission is to make news and topics across sustainability accessible to all.

Green Matters aim to raise awareness of global issues and solutions, and hope to inspire people to make simple changes to their daily habits and lifestyle. 

If you want to try living a greener lifestyle but have no idea where to start, you might find Green Matters Instagram page super helpful! Why not give them a follow for daily bitesize news updates, facts and figures and even tips and tricks to add a little green inspiration to your everyday social scrolling. 

@GreenMatters ‘s Instagram is a great source of useful green tips & tricks and bitesize news on all things sustainability.

Visit their website here for regular news updates and lifestyle tips on all things sustainability, from renewable energy and food waste to fast fashion and even celebrity environmental philanthropy news.

Buying vintage & secondhand clothing is just one way of reducing your impact on the environment, so if you’re shopping at Rokit, you’re doing the right thing – but it doesn’t stop at fast fashion. There are so many other small yet hugely effective changes you can make, and getting educated through sites like Green Matters is the first step in being able to change your mindset and, eventually, your habits.