We all know we should be taking care of our planet every day, but Earth Day, falling annually on the 22nd April, serves as an important reminder of why it’s so vital to act now to protect and preserve our environment.

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The idea of changing your lifestyle might seem daunting, but just a few simple changes to your daily habits really can make a world of difference!

Good news – as a vintage fashion lover, you’re already off to a good start! Buying vintage and preloved styles saves tons of clothes from ending up in landfill, and helps to fight the conventional cycle of fast fashion, one of the major polluting industries in the world.

Did you know that in most of the countries in which fast fashion garments are made, textile factories dump their untreated toxic wastewaters directly into the rivers, which of course end up in our oceans – 200,000 tons of dyes a year, in fact. This wastewater is contaminated with lead, mercury, arsenic and other toxic substances that are extremely harmful to aquatic life and the health of millions of people living near the river banks.

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A scary 20,000 litres of water are needed to produce just 1kg of cotton, and even more shockingly it can take up to 200 tons of fresh water to dye one ton of fabric! Why buy new when the world of preloved garments already has so much to choose from and so much life left to give?

Why not start taking public transport to work? Or even better cycle or walk! Adding just an extra few minutes onto your journey time could help to reduce air pollution, and even save you money!

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Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our beautiful oceans. It’s unrealistic to expect everyone to go “plastic free”, but it is really easy to cut down!

Why not invest in some reusable alternatives to plastic for everyday essentials? Re-usable water bottles, coffee cups, drinking straws, cutlery & grocery bags are now all readily available & could also save you money in the long run.

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To help get you inspired to get your green on for Earth Day 2019, we’ve curated special collections of styles inspired by the elements – Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Shop our Earth Day edit and embrace the elements in more ways than one with a sustainable outfit that can help save the planet!

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70s Vintage Nino Cerruti Beige Trench Coat
70s Vintage Nino Cerruti Beige Trench Coat
Prada S/S 2010 Blue Tropical Print Windbreaker
Prada S/S 2010 Blue Tropical Print Windbreaker
DKNY Silver Y2K Puffa Bodywarmer Sleeveless Jacket
DKNY Silver Y2K Puffa Bodywarmer Sleeveless Jacket