Last week we went to review the musical Eugenius!, a musical set in the 80s and produced by none other than Warwick Davies with the voice of Mark Hamill.

The story is based on Eugene, a schoolkid with dreams of being a famous cartoonist and making his cartoon ‘Tough Man’ a big success in Hollywood. Cue a ‘be careful what you wish for’ scenario.

The storyline itself is not anything groundbreaking but the songs are literally the catchiest thing ever (caught my bf humming one on the tube last night) and if you’re a child of that generation, the 80s fashion and movie throwbacks will give you all the nostalgia. The costume design throughout is perfect too, from loud shirts to stonewashed Levi’s and dungarees to chunky Reeboks, the show highlights everything we loved about style in this era.

All in all, we had a proper laugh at this show, it encompasses all of the colourful, high-octane fun of the 1980s and sometimes you just need to give into the cheese and dance along.

Eugenius! is running until 2nd March in the Other Palace, SW1E 5JA and we highly recommend that you pick up your tickets now!