The correlation between music and fashion is undeniable. No matter the musical genre, you can be sure that there’s a visual style that compliments it.

Subcultures have been prime examples of this fusion since the infamous mods and rockers of the sixties, but there are constantly evolving ways of blending music and fashion. Musicians become muses or models, and vice versa. And more recently, we have seen fashion films and music videos which directly mix the two forms of expression into one piece of art, most notably at SHOWstudio by Nick Knight.

Below are some of our favourite musicians in a variety of their most distinguished outfits, alongside our guide to creating the look with vintage clothing from Rokit.

Patti Smith

The undisputed grandmother of punk. Not one you would initially consider as a style icon, but Patti Smith has proven the timeless appeal of the white shirt – easy to wear, androgynous and effortlessly cool. Get the look with a vintage 60s white shirt, a classic pair of Levi’s and finish off with some braces.


‘Horses’ album cover by Robert Mapplethorpe.


A more modern addition to punk, the Slaves’ style (we’re talking both music and fashion) is proper old school. Their music harks back to the original punk bands of the seventies, and their style screams of the skinhead subculture of the 1980s. Shop our vintage 80s style collection to get the ‘This is England’ look these boys pull off so well. Start with classic vintage Adidas track jacket, and then add some skinny Levi’s and a pair of brogues. Or for the more flamboyant dresser: don some overalls, pair with a classic trainer and finish off with a cap.


Photographed by Mike Massaro for The Guide.

Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry and the rest of Blondie blurred the lines of gender and musical genres, growing out of the New York punk scene in the 70s. To this day Harry remains one of the most stylish women in music – see her recent feature in Wonderland magazine as evidence. Shop our vintage lingerie to find a slip dress just as iconic as the ones Harry wore in the 80s. The perfect slip dress is here and waiting.


Photographed by Chris Stein.

Liam gallagher

Once a frontman of the biggest band of the 1990s, in more recent ventures the loudest Gallagher brother set up his own clothing label ‘Pretty Green’ – The lable is inspired by Paul Weller and The Jam, who were massive influences of Oasis’ music back in the 90s. Grab a slice of Gallagher style, just don’t start signing off your tweets with your initials. Team an obliglatory bucket hat with a vintage sweatshirt and simply add a gold chain to finish the look off nicely.


Florence Welch

The queen of boho, Florence Welchs’ style is unmistakably vintage inspired. Long, flowing dresses, brightly patterned shirts and fedora hats all make for a dreamy seventies vibe. Shop our 70s section now to get her look (and eye up this dress whilst you’re at it).


Image from Pinterest.


Twiggy is an icon of the swinging sixties. She started her career, of course, as the first international supermodel. Despite her success and the levels of fame she achieved, she retired from modelling very quickly and in the seventies took up a career in music. With her cropped pixie hair, huge eyelashes and statement earrings – her style is unforgettable. Get the look with this exquisite shift dress and beautiful bauble earrings.


The Lemon Twigs

Seventies in their music and fashion, The Lemon Twigs are bringing the flair back to modern rock music. Harking back to a time where everything was fabulous and theatrical, the young duo from New York are the only ones out there doing what they do. Shop our vintage 70s clothing to get their look. Mullet Optional. Team this brown blazerwith this raglan t shirt, or this red blazer with this band tee to channel their look. Both pairings go perfectly with some flared jeans.

Photographed by Fumi Nagasaka for Dazed 100.

Princess Nokia

Inspiring, empowered and unabashed: Princess Nokia is one of the most innovative musicians in the game right now. Turning down record deals to stay true to herself and completely independent, it’s not just her style we want – It’s her attitude too. Team this track jacket with a pair of camo trousers and Nike trainers for some 90s realness.


Photographed by Danielle St Laurent for BUST Magazine.

David Bowie

We couldn’t talk about music and fashion and not mention David Bowie. A pioneer in both fields, both his music and style were forms of self expression. He reinvented himself again and again, each time bringing something new and unique to his music and the way he looked. Look like a Man Who Fell to Earth in this shirt and these glasses, and throw on some necklaces for good measure.


Photographed on the set of ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ by Steve Schapiro.