Ugly Christmas Jumpers

Looking for an ugly, garish big jumper to wear this festive season? Look no further – here at Rokit, we’ve got you covered. Christmas jumpers are back in a big way: the uglier the better. From designer brands to popular retailers, everyone is trying to recapture the tackiness of the original 80s festive sweater, knitted by your nan.

ugly xmas jumpers

80s Christmas Jumpers

The 80s saw the emergence of the trend, with garish, colourful sweaters being popularised by Bill Cosby and other TV presenters of the time over the festive period. These jumpers were characterised by bright colours, bold materials and outlandish designs, in keeping with wider fashion trends in the 80s.

80s christmas jumpers

The thick knit and multi-coloured design is typical of an 80s Christmas jumper, along with the glitter and pom pom embellishments increasing the boldness of this look. The result is what we now all covet: an ugly, outlandish Christmas jumper!

90s Christmas Jumpers

By the 90s, the christmas jumper experienced a ‘makeunder’; channelling more subdued patterns and colours, leaning towards the unironic side of ‘ugly’. They were often thick knits, itchy and worn with embarrassment by kids on Christmas day. Some of them incorporated other covetable 90s trends, like turtlenecks.

90s christmas jumpers

This jumper sports a snowflake design with a marked decrease in colour and gaudiness from its 80s counterpart.

00s Christmas Jumpers

The noughties saw a revival of the old Christmas jumpers. In 2001 ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ came out, featuring that christmas jumper. This sparked a resurgence of the ‘ugly christmas jumper’ into a modern-day trend, which snowballed into a full on craze with the emergence of ‘Ugly Christmas Jumper Parties’: a cultural phenomenon that you’re probably invited to this December.

bridget jones xmas jumper

00s xmas jumpers

The trend has been adopted by big corporations, who throw seasonal christmas parties and encourage the wearing of classic Christmas jumpers. Not forgetting of course, Christmas Jumper Day – in which everyone can raise money for Save the Children by wearing their most inspiring Christmas jumper and donating to the cause.

Their influence in modern fashion is also evident, with even designers like Marc Jacobs channeling the vintage christmas vibes.

Shop Ugly Christmas Jumpers

Nowadays, ‘ugly’ is a term lovingly and ironically applied to Christmas jumpers everywhere, all of which draw inspiration from the original 80s and 90s sweaters; available to shop as part of the Ugly Christmas Jumpers trend now.