L-R – AlexandraJackCoCoAmy & Makee.

We set five students loose in our North London warehouse for a (slightly manic) day of vintage-browsing, Instagram-posing, hair, makeup, videos and an EPIC self-styled group photoshoot.

We sat down with Makee, Jack, Amy, CoCo and Alexandra after the mayhem to discuss everything from student style, to charity shop bargain-hunting, to dreams for life after graduation…

student vintage

Amy wears: Rokit Recycled denim crop top & Rokit Recycled stretch flares.

What do you appreciate most about being a student and what do you enjoy about your course?

Amy: I really appreciate being around like-minded people and getting the opportunity to meet new people who I wouldn’t outside of university. It also opens up a lot of exciting opportunities like this photoshoot. Studying Fashion Promotion and Imaging gives me such amazing insight into so many sides of the fashion industry, such as styling and PR, and also offers a lot of creative freedom.

CoCo: Being a student has given me the opportunity to gain new knowledge, meet new people and discuss new ideas. I study Art, Art History and Economics and I love being able to explore both my creative and academic sides through my courses – on one hand I get to act like a mad artist but then I also get insight into the political world and economic issues… also having a student discount is pretty peng.

Jack: Definitely the independence – being able to make my own choices is cool. I’m about to move into a house for second year and I’m super excited to be living with my friends and all of the adventures that come along with that. Studying Illustration Animation means I get to try a lot of different things as there’s so many areas to cover – there’s never a dull moment. I love experimenting with new ideas and materials and working on projects with new people. My course definitely likes to question what is considered illustration.

Alexandra: I’m a massive nerd so I genuinely enjoy the learning aspect of student life the most! You’ll find me in the library most of the time or out doing further research into my current modules. Film is my biggest passion so being able to learn about every aspect of it; from history, to production, to theory, is like a dream come true for me. LSBU manages to offer a really well-rounded film course that gives students the option to be creative whenever they want to be.

Makee: I’m about to start studying a new course – Radio and Digital Production and I’m really excited to bring my art practise full-circle by expanding my creativity into the audio genre. What do I appreciate most about being a student? Clothing store discounts – they come in very handy when I want to do a bit of impulse shopping.

student edit

Makee wears: 90s patterned blouse & 80s yellow shorts.

How has being a student affected your personal style/ do you think the course you study has influenced your style choices? For extra points can you describe your style in 3 words.

Makee: I’ve definitely seen a change in my style since my first year at university – I used to study Engineering, which mainly attracts guys (though there are more girls these days -yay!) anyway, my style back then was quite minimalistic, casual and comfortable and whenever I tried to dress up I felt like I stood out a bit too much. These days I’d say my style is quirky, personal and reflective, and I’m interested to see how my new course will influence how I dress, seeing as it’s an arts-based degree this time around.

Alexandra: I’d describe my personal style as punk, structural and classy – I think the key to student style is ease, which is why I like ready-made outfits like dresses or two-pieces – you can just throw them on and leave the house with minimal effort. I definitely think my love of film affects my style and I’m constantly watching movies and falling in love with a character’s look. I recently watched a South Korean film called Fallen Angels and one of the protagonists wears an amazing PVC dress. I’m definitely now looking to copy that outfit.

Amy: Going to an arts university means I get constant inspiration from seeing other creative students and it has definitely encouraged me to be daring and experimental in my own style. I’d summarise my look as eclectic, experimental and sparkly.

CoCo: Being a student has given me the freedom to wear my own clothes and explore the different sides of my style. Being an art student, I’m always around people in crazy and unusual outfits, which I love, but I like to change up my looks and I wouldn’t say I have one set style… one day it might be some mad boujie ting, the next day I’ll be in a cute preppy skirt and blazer or maybe I’ll rock up in trackies and a jumper – It really depends on my mood when I wake up. My look in three words?… Changing, Evolving, Mine.

Jack: I’d say my style is 90s, artistic and fun. I’ve collected a real mix of clothes over the years and now I’m at a point where I can look at my wardrobe and I think “Who do I want to be today? How different will my day be if I wear a denim jacket or an oversized jumper? What will I create?” If I know I have a day where I’ll be working outside or with messy materials then I tend to opt for darker clothes or anything I can wash easily – I’ve definitely covered my fair share of clothes in paint by accident…

styling vintage

Coco wears: zip-detail swimsuit & Reebok track trousers.

Why do you like to shop vintage/ second-hand?

CoCo: Personally I always shop second-hand – there are some real gems in vintage and charity shops that you just can’t find anywhere else. Also the amount of waste created by making new garments is unacceptable… DID YOU KNOW that the clothing and fashion industry is the third biggest pollutant(!) so buying vintage and reworked clothes is an ethical choice for me too – we need to take care of our planet – it loves us and we have to return the love.

Jack: I enjoy finding bargains – there’s nothing better than finding a piece of clothing that you love for a good price, AND you’ll never see someone else in the same outfit, which is definitely a bonus! I also like to alter and customise my own clothes so they look and fit the way I want them to – transforming something old into a new garment is really fun.

Amy: I’m a big fan of vintage fashion and love being able to find items with interesting and unusual detailing or prints that you don’t see on modern high street clothing.

Makee: I love expressing myself through vintage clothing and I really like the idea that you can find a one-of-a-kind item that is a perfect reflection of your personality. For me, it’d be a graphic silk shirt and a pair of 1980’s high-waisted tailored trousers. Vintage shops also help me channel my inner Rachel and Monica, which is cool.

Alexandra: Vintage gives you a chance to express yourself in a way that you know can’t be replicated – like you might have a similar style to someone else but you know it’s highly unlikely that they’ll track down the exact same 1980’s red chiffon prom dress as you. That’s what I like about second hand – it allows individuality to thrive.

vintage denim

Jack wears: 90s Jeff Hamilton denim baseball jacket.

How did you feel about styling and starring in a Rokit photoshoot?

Jack: I loved everything about it! Looking around the warehouse was insanely cool – having so many clothes to choose from was a bit overwhelming at first, but being able to style myself ended up being great fun. Being on set was an amazing opportunity and getting to show off the clothes I had chosen alongside everyone else was a totally new experience.

Alexandra: It was so much fun! Hanging out with other students is always nice, especially if they’re people you wouldn’t normally meet due to location or course. Everyone got along so well and there was a super happy atmosphere on set! I hope to see all of the group again sometime!

Makee: It was great to get a the behind-the-scenes look at a clothing brand, and it was so fun to work alongside such cool and interesting people.

CoCo: I loved getting the chance to style myself in all of the amazing vintage and designer clothes – the Dolce & Gabbana shoes I wore for my second outfit were incredibly cute. I’d say my favourite part was doing the group shots- we’d all gotten to know each other by that point and just had fun with it – I’m pretty sure that we’ll stay in touch.

Amy: I loved being able to explore the warehouse and try on so many unique pieces especially as there were so many items to choose from!

vintage leather

Alexandra wears: 70s red maxi dress & 80s leather biker jacket.

Where do you see yourself in 5 year’s time?

Alexandra: Hopefully either writing about film for a magazine like Little White Lies, or maybe somehow making a living out of creating weird art films – that’s the ultimate dream.

Amy: I’m not entirely sure where I’ll be – hopefully working somewhere in a job I love… possibly in PR or entertainment.

Makee: Hopefully by then I’ll be better at the Instagram game (if that’s even still relevant) and also have developed in my art practise. I also want to learn how to pattern-cut and sew complete outfits (fingers crossed!)

Jack: I hope to be working in the industry – I’m not too sure what I want to be doing yet but as long as I get to continue making things then I’ll be fine.

CoCo: In 5 years’ time I will be successful, not just wealth-wise but hopefully I’ll feel successful in myself by living with a completely positive mindset… maybe I’ll be creating jewellery and art somewhere or perhaps I’ll be doing something completely different – who the hell knows! Either way all you can hope for is to be happy.

student interview

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