All you need is love… oh, and a great pair of jeans.

Jeans are timeless- so entrenched in the modern psyche that it’s hard to believe they only entered the mass fashion market in the 1950’s. James Dean propelled the jean into public consciousness when he donned a classic pair of Levi’s 501’s in the film Rebel Without a Cause in 1955, and the style instantly became synonymous with an emerging and rebellious youth culture. Since the 50’s, jean styles have adapted to suit the aesthetic of the time; from wide-leg flares in the 1970’s to high-waisted acid wash in the 80’s, to 1990’s baggy combat cuts. No matter the style, jeans can inject a sense of effortless cool into anyone’s wardrobe, regardless of your age, gender, shape or size.

Just like searching for your soul mate, trying to find that perfect pair of vintage jeans can be a minefield, and with the huge breadth of styles to choose from it pays to do your research. Finding your dream denim match means looking for the right fit, the right fade and the right colour, and when you put them on you’ll just know. To help you out in your hunt we’ve compiled a short list of things to consider when shopping online for vintage jeans…

Vintage Jeans Fit Guide- Waist
Vintage Jeans Fit Guide- Rise
Vintage Jeans Fit Guide- Inside Leg


Fit is the first major consideration you should take when shopping for jeans. Comfort really is key, and the perfect pair of jeans means both looking and feeling great. All jeans on the Rokit website have been measured before listing, and each product will be displayed with both the waist and inside leg measurements. The inside leg is the distance between the hem of each leg and the bottom of the crotch of the garment. The waist measurement is the circumference of the garment’s waistband (measured flat and doubled). To avoid sizing disappointment grab a measuring tape and get to know your body! Take a look at our size guide for more information.


As well as inside leg and waist measurements, a jean’s rise is a core consideration for finding your perfect fit. The rise means how high the waistband sits on the body, and can be determined by measuring the distance between the garment’s waistband and the bottom of the crotch. The rise will affect which size you need, since you are likely to be wider or slimmer across different areas of your body. For example, you may fit high waisted jeans with a 27″ waist, but you may not fit a lower rise pair of the same waist measurement. When measuring yourself for jeans, measure both your natural waistline (the slimmest part of your body), and also around the widest part of your hips. Keep an eye out on Rokit’s product listings for information on rise- low rise or high waisted jeans will be noted in the product description.

Vintage Jeans Wrangler Light Wash Detail
Vintage Jeans Tommy Hilfiger Mid Wash Detail
Vintage Jeans Levi's Dark Wash Detail

Stretch & Weight

We all know that jeans are made of denim but it’s easy to forget about the huge variation in the weight and stretch of denim itself. When deciding which type is right for you, consider your lifestyle – where, when and why you’ll be wearing your jeans. Want an easy pair for summer? Look for light, breathable fabric of around 9-10oz. A comfortable pair for walking the dog? Try a stretchy spandex blend. A hard-wearing pair for DIY? Go heavy with a weight of 13oz +. Sizing may vary depending on the weight and stretch of your denim, so keep this in mind when you’re shopping. You may want to size up by an inch or two for heavyweight jeans for example, since the stiffness of the fabric will have much less give. When shopping online it can be hard to identify the stretch and weight from product photographs alone – use an internet search engine to look up the brand and cut for more info.

Vintage Women's Jeans Styles 1950's 50's Levi's Turn Up Cropped Jeans
PHOTO CREDIT: Unknown via Pinterest
Vintage Women's Jeans Styles 1960's 60's Advert Wrangler Coloured Jeans
PHOTO CREDIT: 1960’s Wrangler Jeans Advert
Vintage Women's Jeans Styles 1970's 70's High Waisted Flares Jeans
PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images- Tim Graham
Vintage Women's Jeans Styles 1980's 80's Acid Wash Jeans
PHOTO CREDIT: 1980’s Jordache Jeans advert
Vintage Women's Jeans Styles 1990's 90's High Waisted Jeans
PHOTO CREDIT: Unknown 1990’s catalogue advert via Pinterest
Vintage Women's Jeans Styles 2000's 00's Low Rise Levi's Jeans

Changing Styles & Changing Bodies

If you want to see human evolution in action then taking a look at vintage jeans is a great place to start. Just as styles have changed over the past 70 years, so have the nation’s bodies. The average size and proportion of the body – such as waist to hip ratio – has shifted dramatically since the 1950’s, meaning that certain cuts are no longer the norm. Keep this in mind when shopping for vintage styles and don’t be disheartened if you fall in love with a pair that aren’t quite right. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.


Vintage garments, by their very nature, have been around for a long time, and it’s important to consider how a garment’s age might affect its fit and wearability. Ageing can cause both shrinking or stretching of fabric so trust your measuring tape above what the garment label says. All items on the Rokit website are measured before listing, so the sizing you see on the site is true for today. If you’re in the market for ripped jeans then shopping vintage can be a great solution. Look for pairs with a naturally aged fade and fraying to fit your tastes. The durability of denim jeans means that holes, shredding and other distressing doesn’t necessarily equal the end of life for a garment- in fact, when it comes to denim, older can often mean better! If you’re unsure about the ageing and condition of a particular pair then check out our garment condition information, which is outlined on each product listing.

Rokit Vintage High Waisted Red Patterned Jeans
Rokit Vintage High Waisted Green Wrangler Jeans
Rokit Vintage Straight Leg Pale Blue Wrangler Jeans


Which colour you wear is all down to personal preference, and jeans really are available in every shade of the rainbow. But the question is: which hue are you? Blue is the obvious choice, and it’s probably safe to assume that most people have a pair of blue jeans somewhere in their wardrobe, and with good reason; they’re casual, classic, and they go with everything. Blue jeans are great, we’re not going to argue with that. Black jeans have also earned their place as a wardrobe staple, and depending on styling, they have equal potential to look casual, cool or professional. If you’re looking for something a little more out-there, why not consider clean white, something bright and eye-catching, a sweet pastel shade or even a multicoloured pattern. Search by colour on the Rokit website to see what floats your boat, and if you can’t see the right shade then don’t be phased- we add new products to the site every week so check back regularly for new vintage gems.

Shop vintage jeans now for your chance to fall head over heels. Good luck in your search, and just remember- once you’ve found it, true love really can last for a lifetime…

Vintage Double Denim Street Style. Elderly Person in Jeans and Denim Jacket
Vintage Denim Street Style. Elderly Couple Walking in Jeans.

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