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Make a Statement with 70s Clothing From Rokit

From flares to flannel shirts, the '70s are one of our favourite eras for retro clothing! Influenced by the hippy counterculture of the decade before, as well as the punk and disco movements of later years, it was also the decade where casual wear really came into its own. Take a look through our far-out frenzy of '70s wonders...

70's clothes for women meant that you could wear what you wanted. Trousers and jeans were finally acceptable wherever you were, from business trouser suits for the office to jeans at home.

Early 70's fashion began with bright colours and flamboyant cuts, with flares getting bigger and more outrageous as the decade went on - particularly when you enter the disco era - think Saturday Night Fever and ABBA. Towards the end of the 70's, clothes were more neutral, with earthy, sepia tones becoming much more popular.

Choose from patterned 70's dresses and blouses, all the suede fringing you could ask for and flared jeans. Whether you're going for an authentic seventies look or you just want to pick the best bits out for the latest 70's inspired trends, you have a wide range of genuine 70's clothes to choose from with us at Rokit.

Handpicked 70's Clothes for Women

Every garment that you see in our vintage seventies collection is handpicked and laundered carefully to make sure that they are as good as new. Any pieces that are unwearable are transformed into an on-trend original by our Rokit Recycled team too.

So for classic 70's clothes, there's nowhere else better than Rokit. Browse the range and fall in love with something today.

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