Women's 60s Vintage Collection

Women's 60s Vintage Collection. Bringing back the Swingin' 60's. Say hello to the '60s! A revolutionary decade for politics, music and fashion; the 1960s was an era when boundaries were broken and new trends were set. Mini-skirts, go-go boots and mod style dominated the earlier years, whilst the Eastern-inspired hippy counterculture look prevailed later. Browse our varied selection of authentic '60s pieces and set your vintage wardrobe apart from the rest!

Packed full of retro fashion icons, from Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick to Jackie O, Mary Quant and Brigitte Bardot, the 60's really was when fashion was taken out of the hands of high-profile designers and given to the celebrities and the youth of the day. Miniskirts, tights, the bikini, the afro, fringing and the beehive were invented during this decade, so you have the sixties to thank for them, too.

Here at Rokit, we stock a wide range of genuine sixties fashion, from glamorous retro eveningwear to casual vintage daywear and everything in between.

For an iconic 60's look, go for a babydoll dress with a high, round neckline, fitted waist and short hemline in a crazy print. Pair with white tights and go-go boots and you have the perfect 60's outfit.

Alternatively, go for the hippy vibe, and wear vintage tie dye, bell bottom trousers or a fringed top - perfect for festival season. Pop a pair of round sunnies on and you'll look so groovy.

60's dresses for eveningwear will make sure that you're the one everyone's looking at the next time you go out. With elegant necklines, luxurious fabrics, and subdued colours, these vintage 60's dresses will mean that you'll never go back to the high street again.

Each garment is carefully laundered, pressed and mended if necessary, ensuring that you get a piece that you can love instantly. Shop our vintage dresses, tops, trousers and more.