Women's 50s Vintage Collection

1950s Fashion

1950s fashion trends were varied and the period saw lots of new styles for women's wardrobes become popular. Here at Rokit, we've worked to create an enviable collection of 1950s dresses and women's 50s clothing, offering an array of different styles and colours to suit the diversity of the decade it was inspired by. Check out our beautiful range of dresses and vintage clothing today to embrace the timeless 50s aesthetic.

50s Dress

The 50s was a good time for women's fashion, with 50s style dresses diversifying to incorporate new waistlines and hemlines. As a result, women's 50s clothing shifted from wholesome to sleek and elegant. Women were also encouraged to wear clothing that accentuated their shape in a way that had not been seen before. To pull off the 50s look, keep things simple but stylish. Accessorise your vintage 50s suit with an elegant pair of gloves and a hat, and couple your dresses with short-cut, fitted jackets for a glamorous outfit.

Vintage Style Dresses

Clothing for women in the 50s was all about class and elegance, and our range of vintage 50s dresses is all you need to step back in time and celebrate the glamourous fashions. Our collection is ideal for anyone looking for the perfect black 50s dress, but we also offer a range of dresses in gorgeous colours and styles that can be accessorised easily with jewellery, scarves and more. Why not take a look at some of our 50s swing dresses and 1950s style dresses and buy today?