Women's 40s Vintage Collection

Vintage 1940's Women's Collection

With influences ranging from silver screen sirens to the Second World War and to Christian Dior's "New Look", 1940's women's clothing ranged from utilitarian to uber glamourous. The desired silhouette had wide shoulders, a cinched in high waist and A-line skirts or similar shaped trousers - the ultimate hourglass figure.

At the beginning of the forties, the war was in full swing, and so was fabric rationing. Skirts went up to knee length, shoulders were padded, necklines were varied, but cleavage was not seen! Tea dresses are the iconic 1940's clothing. For instant forties vintage, you can't go wrong with a tea dress or a shirt dress with short sleeves and buttons up the front.

The two piece suit was a popular addition to the 1940's woman's wardrobe, as it allowed women to mix and match for new outfits without having to buy new clothes.

For the first time, it was fashionable for women to wear trousers, due to their practicality - women were now working while the men were at war. High waisted and wide legged, trousers started in the work wardrobe, but soon made their way in to casual day wear too.

Wear 40's women clothing every day with sweet tea dresses and shirt dresses with brogues for an authentic vintage feel, or pair feminine dresses with big black boots for an edgy look.

Incorporate the forties into your workwear with a smart button up jacket with a nipped in waist or an A-line skirt or pair of slacks.

Go for high glamour the next time you have an occasion with gorgeous evening dresses.

At Rokit, we have an unrivalled collection of authentic 1940's pieces, so whether you're looking for the complete 40's vintage look or you're just looking for a piece to set your wardrobe apart from the rest, you need look no further. Each piece in our 1940's women's clothing collection is laundered, pressed and mended, if needed. Discover a gem with us.