Vintage Dungarees

The workwear classic, as worn by 1940s land girls and 1980s popstars alike, is well and truly in vogue again - dungarees have worked their way up the fashion ladder and are now a wardrobe essential. Browse our collection of vintage dungarees today.

Dungarees began life way back when in 1792 (though we don't have any that old), when they were worn by farm labourers. A utilitarian design in a cheap but durable material, the dungarees were perfect for their purpose. However, they also became associated with the working class - which meant that they weren't particularly fashionable.

Fast-forward to the 1940's, and women started wearing them during the war while working in the factories. Soon they pervaded casualwear in the same women's wardrobes, and became a popular item to wear.

Today, dungarees are back in fashion with a vengeance.

Here at Rokit, we have short and long vintage dungarees, versions in both blue and black denim, and dungarees in other materials and patterns, too. From the cutesy and embroidered to the long and stripy, we're sure to have a pair of ladies' dungarees in our collection to suit you.

For a laid back look, team denim with a classic sweater; for a period look wear a heritage pair with a pretty short-sleeved vintage blouse; or go street and accessorise a short pair with a tie-dye vintage tee.

Each garment is freshly laundered and pressed, and if necessary it is mended as well, so that when you shop vintage dungarees at Rokit, you know that you're getting a well-cared-for garment. Shop with us today.