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Hawaiian Shirts have been a fashion staple for summer wardrobes since the 30s. Say aloha and get into a tropical mood with a Hawaiian shirt from Rokit.

Hundreds Of Unique Hawaiian Shirts At Rokit

We love the appeal of the Hawaiian shirt! The bold colours, the massive variety and eye catching designs are all what make these iconic garments a summer favourite. At Rokit, you can find a massive selection of Hawaiian shirts from a whole range of decades to suit serious collectors and fashion forward buyers alike.

Legend has it that Hawaiian shirts were invented in the 1930s by businessman Ellery Chun, originally amalgamating the cool and comfortable traditional Hawaiian tunics with smarter Cuban guayabera styles and imported Japanese kimono fabrics. The shirts skyrocketed in popularity after WW2 as American servicemen returning from the Pacific and Asian theatres picked up one for themselves on Hawaii on their way home and the look was appropriated by the Hollywood stars of the 50s and 60s.

At Rokit, we stock only authentic vintage Hawaiian shirts including museum quality designs from iconic original shirtmakers like Alfred Shaheen. You can find examples dating all the way back to the 40s, 50s and 60s. There's a number of subtle ways you can tell whether a Hawaiian shirt is the genuine article:

  • • Collar Loops
  • • Coconut Buttons
  • • Horizontal Button Holes
  • • "Made In Hawaii" Labels
  • • Carefully constructed with pattern alignment at the chest pocket
  • • Made from rayon or traditional bark cloth

If your shirt has most or all of these hallmarks, you can be guaranteed it's the real thing.

Dazzling Shirt Styles

Each of the vintage Hawaiian shirts in our collection is 100% unique. You'll find a massive variety of patterns, colours and styles ranging from iconic tropical scenes involving palm trees, pineapples and the Pacific ocean to attention grabbing geometric shapes inspired by the modernist designs of the fifties and sixties.

Every Hawaiian shirt we stock has been handpicked then lovingly laundered so when you buy a shirt from us, you can be assured you're getting quality. Browse our range of vintage Hawaiian shirts today to find a totally one-of-a-kind garment.

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