Men's 70s Vintage Collection

70s Fashion Trends

The breakthrough in men's fashion that began in the late 60s continued on into the 70s, and it was during this period that options for men's fashion opened up in ways that hadn't been done before. Here at Rokit, our range of vintage 70s clothing is ideal for celebrating the Disco Decade, offering a wide array of clothes to fulfil your retro needs.

70s Men's Fashion

When it comes to 70s clothing for men, it was the time of bell bottom trousers, platform shoes and tightly fitted clothing, with materials like Polyester and Velour becoming very popular. To pull off the 70s disco fashion it's all about low rise, flared trousers and 70s shirts tucked in at the waist. We offer a great range of flared trousers in a variety of colours to suit different tastes. When the men weren't donning a leisure suit a la John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, they were dressing down in casual knitwear in bold patterns and colours. When out and about, don a warm army great coat to keep yourself looking cool but feeling cosy. Browse our range of knitwear, shirts, jackets and coats to find the best combination in vintage 70s clothes.

Vintage 70s Clothes

Though the 70s look is a strong one, you can pull off the look with ease thanks to our 70s-inspired collection of clothes and accessories. Place your order today and enjoy next-day delivery so you can get your new outfit as soon as possible. Celebrate the fascinating 70s fashion trends and enjoy our range of 70s vintage clothing.