Men's 60s Vintage Collection

60s Fashion

Fashion has changed a lot over the years for men and women, and the 60s was an iconic time for clothing and fashion. 60s clothing was distinctive and heralded a significant cultural shift from the conservative to the expressive and the subtle to the colourful. Here at Rokit, we've sourced a fantastic rage of 60s clothing to celebrate one of the best decades mankind has seen, offering everything you could need from a range of 60s inspired trousers to an array of patterned shirts and fitted clothes. Whatever you need to rock the 1960s clothing for men look, we have it on offer.

Retro Men's Clothing

Vintage 60s men's fashion tends to be more understated when compared with women, but there are plenty of opportunities for men to celebrate their love of the 60s with our range of retro men's clothing. It was during this decade that the trousers became tighter, the hair grew longer and men began to explore their softer side. Aside from wider lapels and tighter pants, the Beatles were taking the country by storm too which had a huge influence on men's fashion. Donning a stylish Peacoat coupled with a pair of flared jeans will have you looking like you've come straight through a time portal from 1960s London. You can accessorise your outfit with the soft, flowing silk scarves that took the place of the more formal tie.

If you're interested in 60s fashion then check out our incredible range and start building up your new wardrobe of retro and 60s clothing today with our men's 60s fashion items.