Men's 40s Vintage Collection

Men's 1940's Vintage Collection. Fashion in the 1940s was very much linked to the war. Beginning with economical, practical clothing in the depths of austere war, men's clothing ended with more extravagant fashions as the war ended and the decade drew to a close.

To save fabric, suits for men back at home began the forties without cuffs, without pleats, without pocket cuffs, and they lost the waistcoats too. The aim was to look patriotic and austere.

The military styles of the day influenced fashion at home too, with soldiers being seen as heroes and many young men wanting to emulate them by taking on their style.

Towards the end of the decade, the jackets got longer, trousers wider and more colourful as rationing stopped and the people celebrated peace.

As we look back on the era and the vintage men's fashion that has come out of it, you will find that there are a lot of military jackets and trousers, single and double breasted jackets, suit trousers and shirts available.

From US navy bell bottom trousers to leather jackets, we have a wide range of original 1940s men's fashion for your perusal.

Men's 1940s Fashion at Rokit

Here at Rokit, we're delighted to be able to offer you the best of men's garments from the 1940's. Each garment is handpicked, laundered, pressed and mended if necessary. If you have any questions, from sizing to delivery, make sure that you get in contact with our helpful team.

Whether you're looking for an authentic 1940's outfit, something to add a bit of class to your look or a conversation starter, our men's 40s style clothing collection is unrivalled. Shop with us today.